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My sister died of a disease ... an incurable and nonexistent disease at the moment.

She had a problem in her right leg, which was removed, changing it for a robotic one.

She was happy, until this problem happened to her, she became cold with everyone and locked herself in her room only when she was 7 years old.

She wore blonde hair, with straight bangs and two pigtails accompanied by dark purple hairbands in the shape of a flower with a black little pineapple in the middle, and amber eyes. Her clothing was a long-sleeved zip-up shirt with a high neck, the chest was white, the sleeves and the collar were black, along with a white skirt and black shoes.

She was falling a lot the first time, which is normal. She had a wound on her nose and on her cheek, but they were not serious, although they healed, she liked to have the bandages on those parts of her face and she left them on.

Days after she was in control, she fell ill, the doctors did nothing... The next morning, they told us that she passed away, I felt broken.

Months later in the news, it appeared that several doctors had died from an incurable disease and others had been electrocuted, one in particular was killed and with that blood, on the wall someone wrote a message "I swear to avenge myself."

When my parents saw it, they turned off the television and sent me to bed, because it was already around 9 at night.

About 3 or 4 in the morning I woke up nervous and anguished, I felt that the room was cold and it smelled terrible, when I could distinguish my room, I saw that it was stained with blood, and on my wall next to the bed it said “I swear to avenge myself". At that moment I saw my sister, or I think better said, the ghost or spirit of my sister, the serious and cold look that she had, and she whispered "They did nothing... They let me die... They left me lifeless... Now, their lives have taken a fair price…” She smiled and dissapeared, when it happened my room came back to normality.

That was the first time since her leg was removed that she smiled so sincerely at me...

By: Pau0615

Date: 9/06