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Are You Her?
~ Crush
あなたは彼女です か
~ こだわり


Real Name: Ainosuke Saitou

Alias: Crush 

Meaning to Name: He killed his crush  

Nickname(s): Ai, Sasuke, Suke, Sai, and Saitou

Age: 19

D.O.B: May 20, 2000 

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Language: Japanese and English 

Current Residence: N/A  

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Status: Active



  • (Former) Student
  • (Current) Proxy



  • Red thread
  • Red scissors
  • A pair of knives

Method of Killing:  

  • Stalking females resembling Hikari then slicing their throat  
  • Stalking males who resemble Hikari's ex-boyfriends
  • Stabbing the females in the stomach  
  • Choking his victims with his red thread  

Goal/Reason to Kill:  

  • Emotional pain  
  • Killed his crush Hikari in cold blood  


[C] Phrase: “Are You Her?

Theme Song: True Love Restraint


  • Animation  
  • Hacking  
  • Listening to music  
  • Origami  
  • Video Gaming  
  • Parkour  
  • Skateboarding  

Special Items: His red scissors


  • Drawing mini-comics    
  • Animating his mini-comics    
  • Hacking into computers    
  • Listening to his J-rock music    
  • Doing animal Origami    
  • Doing parkour during the night    
  • Playing video games with his friends    
  • Skateboarding in the streets of Tokyo    


  • His animation not running smoothly  
  • Someone stopping him from decoding into computers  
  • Not having free time to listen to music  
  • Falling down when doing parkour  
  • Unable to play video games  
  • Getting yelled at for skateboarding  

Fear(s): Not able to get Hikari back


  • Caring  
  • Disturbing  
  • Educated  
  • Faithful  
  • Hostile  
  • Whimsical  
  • Miserable  


Backstory: The year was 2000 in Tokyo, Japan, Ainosuke Saitou was born. He was the middle child of his three other siblings. At a young age, he was known for being a child prodigy. By the age of 7, he was placed in advanced classes with an IQ of 150, meaning he was in the top 1% of Tokyo’s students.

Ainosuke was able to learn how to hack into online systems through his father, and with those skills, he was placed high in his class. He had planned to become a computer science engineer because it was his passion.

In everyone’s eyes, he was going to have a bright future, until he met Hikari. Hikari was one of his classmates in elementary school, who would get teased by the other boys. Ainosuke decided to stand up for her, and while he was beaten up by bullies, he didn’t mind because ultimately he fell in love with Hikari. He knew he was destined to protect Hikari from harm’s way. Growing up together, they became close friends and established a platonic relationship.

In this relationship, Ainosuke grew more in love with her, however, there was a rule in their school system that no student should date one another. Due to this rule, Ainosuke never told his real feelings towards Hikari, therefore they never dated. While Hikari was aware of this rule, however, she decided to break the rules by dating students in the school.

Hikari began to date many of the male students in the school and was known for being a maneater (female version of womanizer). Since she was dating other students, Ainosuke was heartbroken and this led to a spiral of absolute madness and insanity. This was due to the fact Ainosuke was deeply in love with her. He would continue to stalk her, inviting himself into her house unannounced, and during the night times, he would watch her sleeping.

When she would date other students, Ainosuke would begin to stalk her and her boyfriend(s) obsessively. He began to not only stalk them but try his hardest to have them break up with each other, luckily Hikari never knew. Ainosuke was successful with Hikari being single for a short period of time, however, there was one boy who would refuse to break up with her and continued to ignore Ainosuke’s threats. In a heat of rage, Ainosuke went to the boy’s house and started to assault the boy.

As they fought, Ainosuke grew angrier and murdered the boy in cold blood. He was then apprehended by the police and was sent off to a mental health institution. In the mental health institution, he would think about Hikari, from day to night for 4 years.

Ainosuke was finally 17 years old when he was released from the mental institution, and returned back to finish his studies. Despite being in his best behavior and continuing with his treatment, many in his school labeled him as an outcast. This led to Hikari no longer maintaining contact with him, leading him into a depressive state of mind. For two years it remained the same situation, Hikari no longer wanted Ainosuke to be apart in her life and even though he knew, he continued to enter himself into her life.

One day, he broke into her house and told her he wanted to talk to her. He began to interrogate her on why she distanced herself, why she no longer loved him, and that he wanted their relationship to be like the old days. Despite his best being polite, Hikari didn’t want anything with Ainosuke and began to argue with him by kicking him out of her house. Ainosuke was still desperate to be in her life and didn’t budge.

Then, Hikari made the worst mistake in her life. She had slapped him and yelled at him to grow up and to stop being childish. With those words, Ainosuke snapped and punched her in the face. Demanding she apologized, but she stood her ground and said no. Blinded with insanity and anger, he grabbed a pair of scissors from her coffee table and began to attack her. He had blacked out when he began to attack her, and each stab was filled with anger and resentment.

The aftermath of the murder Art by Zona

When he came back to his senses, he realized what he had done, and screamed her name. He cradled Hikari in his arms and began to look all over her body. Her skin was ripped into shred, her face filled with deep gashes, and her eyes filled with tears. Hikari’s hand touched his face, and with her last breath, she muttered his name.

Ainosuke cried and kept screaming her name demanding she come back. As he wanted her back. Soon he heard the police sirens and with pain in his heart, he left her behind. His body began to switch with insanity, and it led to him having a psychosis.

When he walked down the streets of Tokyo, he had stopped a woman who had similar black hair and the same body structure as Hikari. Even though Hikari was dead, he ran up to her thinking she had survived the attack. As he ran up to her, he was thinking of apologizing for his actions and was grateful for her.

However, when the woman turned around, he realized it was not in fact Hikari. This made his mind snap once more, and with agony in his heart, he murdered the woman in cold blood. His weapon of choice was the same scissors he used to kill Hikari.

After he murdered the woman, he ran away to avoid punishment and continued to look for Hikari. Even though she has been away from this world. He’s desperate to find his light in his dark world, even if it means he needs to kill.


Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship/Partner: Hikari Hayashi was Ainosuke's crush for years, and years. Sadly, she soon died from Ainosuke's hand. She had black long straight hair that reached her waist, a small feminine body structure, with light pink small lips. Hikari was known for wearing her school sailor outfit with a large red bow that tied her hair into a ponytail. She died at the age of 17.


  • Akio his father  
  • Hina his mother  
  • Aiko his sister 
  • Noburu his brother  



  • Anyone trying to steal Hikari away from him  
  • Copycat  


Hair: Black

Skin: Porcelain white 

Eyes: Black

Height: 5’7

Weight: 120

Body Type: Lean

Outfit: A black hoodie with a red heart stitched, black pants, and black converse  

Accessories: Red scissors and red thread  

Distinguishing Features: Bandages around his hands and dark red nails  



  • Brief Psychotic Disorder - Mental health disorder that can last from 1 day to 1 year in which the person has a psychotic episode that leads to delusions and catatonic behavior
  • Psychosis - Mental health disorder in which the person has disconnection of reality
  • Depression - Mental health disorder in which the person has a constant depressed mood
  • Pathological Lying - A chronic behavior of compulsive lying
  • Borderline Personality Disorder -  BPD is a mental illness in which impacts the way the person sees themselves and others with unstable moods and behavior


  • Stalking 
  • Hacking 
  • Decodification 
  • Computer Operation Intuition 
  • Enhanced Intelligence 
  • Insanity Empowerment 
  • Have great skill in stalking, and hacking 
  • Have great skill in tracking targets and able to hide from anyone  
  • Understanding basic/advanced skills in computers  
  • Able to decode anything on the computer
  • Be empowered with his insanity  


  • If not careful enough he can get caught stalking someone  
  • If he gets distracted from anything his work effort can be ruined  
  • When hacking he needs to make sure he is complete focus  
  • He needs to always be in great focus when decoding something on the computer  
  • Due to his emotions, he can be detected at times  
  • Due to his insanity, his emotions are a mess  
  • It's hard for him to control his emotions  


• Intelligence: 10

• Strength: 5

• Speed: 8

• Agility: 6

• Endurance: 5 

• Stamina: 8

• Balance: 7

• Tolerance: 4 

Notable Quotes

  • “Hikari, please listen to me!” - Hikari attempted to kick out Ainosuke which lead to them arguing
    • “ひかり、聞いてください!” - In Japanese
  • “Hikari! No, no I'm sorry! Please come back” - Ainosuke had blacked out when he had attacked Hikari, and when he came to his senses, he had cradled her body 
    • “ひかり!いいえ、ごめんなさい!戻って来てください” - In Japanese 
  • “Where is she? I need to say sorry” - When walking down the streets of Tokyo, he went into a psychosis where Hikari left and was not murdered 
    • “彼女はどこ?申し訳ありません” - In Japanese 


  • His first name means Lover's help
  • His last name means Worship Wisteria
  • He has become Rabbit Stalker's proxy
  • He is good friends with Rabbit Stalker
  • He has been crushing on Hikari since kindergarten
  • He took the name Crush because he lost his only crush
  • He can hack into anything to stalk people
  • He murders with his red thread by choking others or has it wrapped around his arms
  • He normally uses his scissors than his red threads
  • He grew even more insane due to Hikari  
  • According the myth about the red thread, it is supposed to lead him to his loved one 
  • His red thread represents his love life 
  • His IQ is 150 
  • Crush has been working for the deep web since he was 16 
  • Rumoured to be a better hacker than Rabbit Stalker 
  • Ironically, Hikari means light in Japanese
  • Modeled after the song, "True Love Restraint", and physical appearance of Masaki Suda
  • His creator is Black Bullet235