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If You See My Bird… You’re Dead.
~ Crow


Real Name: Guntram Grim 

Alias: Crow  

Meaning to Name: Whenever he hunts he brings his demonic crow 

Nickname(s): Gunther, Grim, and Crow 

Age: December 20 2005 

D.O.B: 15

Birthplace: Munich, Germany  

Language: German, and English 

Current Residence: The Black Forest, Germany

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Hybrid

Status: Active 

Alliance: N/A  


  • (Former) Student
  • (Current) Hunter 



  • Blackwood bow and arrow
  • Right Crow claw

Method of Killing: 

  • Using his archery skills to kill from a distance 
  • Shooting dark fire arrows into their bodies 
  • Clawing their bodies with his crow claw 
  • Ordering Körbl to kill them 

Goal/Reason to Kill: 

  • Part of an organization 
  • Manipulated by Körbl


[C]Phrase: “If You See My Bird… You’re Dead.” 

Theme Song: Black Hole Sun


  • Archery 
  • Computer Programming 
  • Gunsmithing 
  • Gymnastic 
  • Lock Picking 
  • Metal Working
  • Whittling 

Special Items: His pet Körbl 


  • Practicing his archery skills 
  • Practicing his gymnastic skills 
  • Working on his computers 
  • Coding mini games 
  • Fixing and cleaning guns 
  • Lock picking small locks 
  • Creating small metal lockets 
  • Whittling small statues of birds


  • His arrow breaking apart during practice 
  • His lock picks breaking apart as he works 
  • Landing incorrectly during gymnastics 
  • Computer rebooting during coding 
  • Mini games not being able to play 
  • The metal not being bendable when working 
  • Wooden statues being broken 

Fear(s): None 


  • Impulsive 
  • Restless 
  • Serious 
  • Forgetful 
  • Impatient 
  • Strict 
  • Aggressive 


Backstory: In Editing Mode!


Orientation: Straight 

Relationship/Partner: None  





Hair: Black 

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Blue 

Height: 5’7

Weight: 157

Body Type: Lean 

Outfit: Black collar jacket, black shirt, black pants, and black combat boots 

Accessories: His leather bracelets with black feathers

Distinguishing Features:  

  • His piercing blue eyes 
  • His left scar near his eye  
  • His feathered hand 


Disorder(s): Bipolar II - A disorder that causes the person to experience depressive and hypomanic episodes, however less severe than Bipolar I 


  • Hybrid Physiology - Physiology of two different species  
  • Peak-human Condition - Have peak-human condition 
  • Peak-human Thievery - Ability to possess peak-human skills in thievery 
  • Enhanced Clawmanship - Ability to possess great skills with claws  
  • Enhanced Archery - Ability to possess great skills in archery 
  • Avian Manipulation - Ability to manipulate avian species (birds) 
  • Claw Retraction - Ability to generate claws  
  • Death Sense - Ability to sense death 
  • Zoolingualism - Ability to communicate with animals 
  • Dark Fire Manipulation - Ability to manipulate dark/destructive fire


  • Due to his hybrid blood, it’s possible his immune system is down 
  • Due to the hybrid of creature and human, he can not bear children 
  • Due to the hybrid blood, he can only inherit the downfall genes of his parents
  • He can only manipulate birds 
  • He can only manipulate up to nine birds at a time 
  • He can mainly talk to avian and arachnid animals 
  • His claw can break if he is not careful 
  • Even though he has peak-human condition, he can still get tired and defeated 
  • There are certain places where he can’t steal from (ex. Luxury banks) 
  • If not careful enough, he can cause great destruction and burn himself with his fire 


• Intelligence: 9

• Strength: 7

• Speed: 8

• Agility: 7

• Endurance: 6 

• Stamina: 7

• Balance: 7

• Tolerance: 9 


  • Guntram means War Crow
  • Grim means Forbidding/Black 
  • Körbl (crow name) means raven despite being a crow 
  • Körbl’s abilities are Enhanced Senses, Animal Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Death Sense, Dimensional Travel, Fire Manipulation, and Necromancy 
  • Körbl was originally the pet of Barbatos (a powerful demon) 
  • Körbl has black and dark purple feathers with multiple eyes that are red 
  • Körbl knew where Jackson was because he was able to “smell” his tainted blood
  • When Körbl mentioned, “Death is nearby” he had foreshadowed his father’s death 
  • His father died from alcohol poisoning in his house 
  • His mother is known as The Sorceress  
  • It’s unknown if Jackson was ever adopted, it mentions he was just in a orphanage 
  • It was revealed his father possess great weaponry skills which explains his natural skill in archery 
  • He can only communicate with birds and spiders
  • Guntram got his left eye scar due to Körbl attacking him  
  • Idea Given By - Heattalon  
  • Creator - Black Bullet235
  • Editor/Template Designer - Black Bullet235