Lance Cooper was no ordinary boy, he suffered from schizophrenia making him very introverted. Unfortunately, this lead to him being bullied by another boy. Cooper is fine with it though at least he isn't causing too much trouble yet...

Cooper Switch


Lance preferred to be called by his last name Cooper, though people didn't care about that. Cooper was schizophrenic so he was introverted, trying to let people know as little as possible about him.


He wears a blue fedora with a ribbon tied around it, his bow tie is blood red, with a pinkish, reddish center, he wears a blue suit, like the ones that they wore in the 1800's.


“His yellow eyes, that smile, those claws! They were as sharp as razors! I will never forget him.”

Cooper was fairly reclusive, not paying attention to anyone other than himself. A boy named Josh often beat him up and teased him for being so quiet. One day Josh took things too far and cut a Cheshire smile into Cooper's face. Cooper ended up with his face scarred but just used a scarf to cover it up.

Since Cooper didn't seem to be fazed by his attack, Josh set Cooper's house ablaze, killing his mother. When Cooper came back from school that day, he found his house burnt to the ground and immediately knew who did it.

While running after Josh, Cooper slipped on a mask in an alleyway. When Cooper picked up the mask it enticed him to put it on.

Later Josh started hallucinating and getting random cuts and burns. This goes on for half a year until Josh kills himself, dying as his sister discovers him and weeps.

Cooper laughs and say, "Have you been good?"

The Lollipop Song playing out of nowhere and fading just as quickly.


  • Cooper was born on December the 25th, and reborn as Cooper Switch on October the 31st.
  • Cooper was 17 when he obtained his mask.
  • Where the name 'Switch' comes from is the mask itself, which is named Switch.
  • Switch is a centuries-old mask made by a mysterious mask maker in the 16th century.
  • It is unknown who could have possessed the mask before Cooper, however, it is known that they did not meet a kind demise.
  • Cooper does not outright murder, he tortures people whom he finds deserving until they kill themselves.
  • Cooper has six fingers on each hand.
  • His "wife" is the other mask known as Stitches.
  • He is tall and slender standing at about 10" tall or 3.048 meters.
  • His creator is 'Makeshift4m'

Theme Songs:

Come Little Children by Unknown,

Lollipop Song by Unknown,

Medicine by Hollywood Undead,

Discord by The Living Tombstone