Community Guidelines

The community guidelines are placed to keep everything going in the correct order of being friendly, and welcoming. Here's the do's and the don'ts.


  • Be Friendly Everyone should be friendly to the others in the community. Being friendly is more welcoming than not being friendly.
  • Be Helpful You should be helpful when it comes to the new comers' who needs help doing things like making a page, or making edits, or even uploading things. Everyone should be helpful. Not just the administrators of the wiki.
  • Set A Good Example Everyone should set a good example to others. Being an example to others is a step to being a leader.
  • Be Welcoming Everyone should be welcoming in the community.
  • Ignore The Trolls And Don't React To Them Everyone should always ignore the trolls and not give a reaction to the trolls. Just report them to the FANDOM Staff by using Special:Contact.
  • Stand Up For Others Everyone should stand up for anyone who is being victimized.


  • Don't Be Mean No one likes to be be mean to others. Being mean will only make other people feel down and then they'll end up leaving. No one wants that.
  • Don't Vandalize No one likes to have his/her page vandalized. How would you feel if someone vandalized your page that you've worked so hard on to make? You'll feel hurt, and you'll be mad because something that you've worked so hard on got ruined by someone who vandalizes other peoples pages.
  • Don't Troll Honestly, no one likes to be trolled, or be trolling someone. It's very hurtful. It sometimes can even get emotional too. Trolls likes to see the victims reaction and feed on it.
  • Don't Impersonate Other People No one likes to be impersonated by trolls. The impersonator who's impersonating a victim can leave the victim with scars that'll never heal. Even if the victim tells the truth of not doing/saying what the impersonator has said/done to others. It can get so bad that sometimes, it could even lead the victim to his/her own death or make the victim have thoughts of harming themselves very badly.
  • Don't Spam No one likes to be spammed. Spamming others is very annoying and it makes people mad almost all the time.

Wiki Staff And FANDOM Staff

If there is any trouble going on, please contact the staff of the wiki and/or FANDOM's Staff.