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Community Guidelines

The community guidelines are placed to keep everything going in the correct order of being friendly, and welcoming. Here's the do's and the don'ts.


  • Be Friendly - Everyone should be friendly to the others in the community. Being friendly is more welcoming than not being friendly.
    • You can always leave a friendly greeting to someone or just enter the live-chat for a short conversation. Please don't hesitate to have a few heart-to-heart DMs on our Discord either, this wiki as well as the server are to make Creepypasta fans feel welcomed and free from the toxicity of the disgusting people who got involved with the franchise.
  • Be Helpful - You should be helpful when it comes to the new comers' who needs help doing things like making a page, or making edits, or even uploading things. Everyone should be helpful. Not just the administrators of the wiki.
    • Anyone can assist in the development of someone's creations. But please do not take this kindness from a stranger for granted and only try to assist in a creation if the creator wants the help. Harassing them about the matter is not okay, and not everyone wants assistance with their creation.
  • Set A Good Example - Everyone should set a good example to others. Being an example to others is a step to being a leader.
    • Please, under any circumstance, do not attempt to steal artwork from their original creators without giving credit as well as using people for writing your stories and ignoring their efforts to pass a creation as your own. It is rude and shows a toxic side of the site we do not condone.
  • Be Welcoming - Everyone should be welcoming in the community.
  • Ignore The Trolls And Don't React To Them - Everyone should always ignore the trolls and not give a reaction to the trolls. Just report them to the FANDOM Staff by using Special:Contact.
  • Stand Up For Others - Everyone should stand up for anyone who is being victimized.
    • If you suspect a close friend or someone you don't truly know is being harassed and treated unfairly on the site, please talk to the staff team about the matter and it will be looked into with seriousness and careful judgement.
  • Understand Our Deletion of Wiki Pages When Banned - Many users in the wiki get banned for many reasons, however, there are some reasons we do not condone in this wiki which can lead to consequences.
    • If your ban is longer than a month and it's a full offense, (harassment, impersonation, vandalizing other pages, etc.) then your wiki pages will be deleted. This is to insure you don't do it again, and how the rules are. You may NOT recreate those pages, as they're deleted forever unless you provide evidence and a reason to keep them in the wiki.


  • Don't Be Mean - No one likes to be mean to others. Being mean will only make other people feel down and then they'll end up leaving. No one wants that.
    • Being mean is quite a simple task to do but won't usually result in a ban unless the matter begins to get out of hand. This does range from insulting a creator for simply creating a Creepypasta page to continuously harassing the user outside of the site by using this site as a foundation. The matter will be taken seriously and if there are any suspicions of certain users merely wishing to harass people due to personal conflict, report the matter to staff straight away.
  • Don't Vandalize - No one likes to have his/her page vandalized. How would you feel if someone vandalized your page that you've worked so hard on to make? You'll feel hurt, and you'll be mad because something that you've worked so hard on got ruined by someone who vandalizes other peoples pages. There are also punishments against vandalism with staff so you really don't want to go down this path.
    • Any vandalizing users will be banned for either a few hours to weeks. And, if the matter begins to worsen (with the warnings given), a possible permanent ban might be set if the user has merely continuously harassed/vandalized users. Anyone who has been vandalized or seen vandalism is advised to report the matter to staff immediately.
  • Don't Troll - Honestly, no one likes to be trolled, or be trolling someone. It's very hurtful. It sometimes can even get emotional too. Trolls likes to see the victims reaction and feed on it.
    • Do not feed into reacting towards a troll. If you think someone is trolling a user or you yourself are being trolled, report the matter to staff immediately.
  • Don't Impersonate Other People - No one likes to be impersonated by trolls. The impersonator who's impersonating a victim can leave the victim with scars that'll never heal. Even if the victim tells the truth of not doing/saying what the impersonator has said/done to others. It can get so bad that sometimes, it could even lead the victim to his/her own death or make the victim have thoughts of harming themselves very badly.
    • Don't attempt to engage with obvious impersonators. If you suspect a user is impersonating, report the user to the staff and do not continue any conversations with the troll(s) involved.
  • Don't Spam - No one likes to be spammed. Spamming others is very annoying and it makes people mad almost all the time.
    • Depending on the level of spamming, bans can range from a mere few days to even weeks/months. However, all spammers must be reported to the staff so they may take charge of the situation.
  • Don't Create Excessive Categories - By creating excessive categories, it can mess up with the category system and some pages won't get enough traffic
  • Don't Abuse Kindness - Now, this is the golden rule of the site towards any newcomers wishing for a better Creepypasta and requesting help from more experienced users of the wiki. Please, no matter the circumstance, abuse the kindness of strangers on here by stealing templates, ideas and going against personal agreements via Message Walls about developing a certain character.
    • We all wish for a nicer time spent within the franchise. And, if anyone is caught attempting to steal someone else's ideas nor using certain ideas shared without permission/notice beforehand, the characters/stories will be returned to the original creator upon evidence being shown to help support the copyright claim towards certain OCs/stories.
  • Don't Steal Art From Original Creators - Artist(s) from around the world have worked hard on their arts, and for it to be stolen from users is heartbreaking. Please, do give proper credit to the artist(s).
    • Make sure to give proper credit. Failing to do so can get you banned for a certain amount of time. If you have trouble finding the artist then use another art piece or use websites to help you.

Wiki Staff And FANDOM Staff

If there is any trouble going on, please contact the staff of the wiki and/or FANDOM's Staff.