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Do you want to see a trick?
~ Circus's catchphrase

Name: Lily Reeves

Alias: Circus


  • Eden Reeves, mother, alive.
  • Thomas Reeves, father, deceased.
  • Gillian Reeves, sister, deceased.
  • Samuel Reeves, brother, alive.

Powers: Conjuring fire out of mid air, telekinisis

Hobbies: Practising leaping through rings of fire

Status: Dead

Type of Pasta: Ghost


Lily was the second born child in her family. Her older brother, Samuel, was jealous of her at first, he thought she was getting more attention than him because she was a girl, but as Lily grew older he realised it was because she needed a lot of attention. When Lily's younger sister, Gillian, was born, the same thing started again.

Fast forward ten years, Lily is now 15. She was popular at school, and her favourite subject was P.E, she was very agile and a great team player. However, there were a small knot of kids that didn't like her, so she found herself getting mildly teased, however she knew how to deal with it, so eventually they appeared to give up. Unluckily for Lily, they were plotting something dark. One day, it was one of the bullies' birthday. They invited the whole class- including Lily. They went to see the circus, which Lily found mesmerizing. She especially liked watching the lions leap through rings of fire. The bullies noticed this, and plotted something deadly.

When Lily got home, she found out her father and sister had died in a car crash. She was devastated. but her mother refused to answer any of her questions. Her brother was at college by this point, so she couldn't ask him either.

Fast forward a couple of months, it was Lily's friend Marley's birthday. Marley invited the whole class, which of course included the bullies. They went to the circus. Lily, once again, found herself being in awe of the lions jumping through fire. As they left, several bullies seized her and pulled her round the back of the tent. They had found one of the fire hoops and were lighting it on fire- for Lily to jump through. Lily attempted to run, however the tormenters had formed a tight ring around her, so she couldn't. Lily realised the only way out of this was to do the trick. So she took a running leap- and missed. Her clothes and hair got caught on fire, slowly causing her body to die a very slow, painful, agonising death. The bullies scattered, they never expected this to happen, they just wanted her to be hurt (the bullies were not the smartest people.) However, Lily rose as a spirit. Her once-blonde hair had turned black and burnt off in places, and her eyes were red. her lips were white and waxy, and her skin was deathly white was burns. Her clothes had turned black also, the hem of her skirt charred, the shoulders of her t-shirt frayed. She walked into the circus tent in front of her. She began to conjure fire out of mid air and set things aflame. She then practised leaping through them. Being a ghost, she was not harmed by the flames.

One day, the bullies returned. They immediately noticed the crackling fire. they noticed Lily. They were horrified. She noticed them too, and used telekenisis to pull thing into the ring, claiming them to be her 'performers.' She then made them do what they had done to her. Like her, they also died. Lily (or as her alias, Circus) now spends her time practising leaping through fire and forcing unwilling souls to perform for her. The circus has been abandoned in the same area for quite some time, the performers have vanished.


As Lily, she had pale blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. When she was killed, she had black hair, burnt off in places, red-orange eyes and white skin with burn marks, and is usually seen wearing a frayed red t-shirt and a charred grey skirt.


Circus is sadistic, with no remorse for the pain she puts her victims in. She could easily just be described as 'emotionless.'