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Christina the crow is a suffering soul that takes pity on human lives lacking in happiness and meaning, full of pain and sadness, on the contrary, her main objective is those people with a conscience full of betrayal, greed, self-centeredness, contempt and disgust towards those the weakest mentally.

She can be brought into our dimensional plane through invocations. It is not recommended, you can end up being the dead person, although whatever the case may be, you will be able to fulfill your wish which dictates that those who have made you suffer the most and those who have totally despised you as a person, have a tragic and painful end.

Her anger can never be consumed, because in her eternal stay in a stagnant world so difficult for us to understand she always remembers her last moments of life, and is convinced that she did not deserve what took her.

How does she looks:

Christina has two forms. The first the most common... and the least horrible one could say. She looks like the 18 year old girl she used to be, with a presumably average height, slim. Her hair is so black, as is her body from neck to toe, that it is made of a totally dark cloak similar to the plumage of a crow. Although the features of her face are preserved, they have been corrupted due to death. Lifeless and whitish eyes.

Her second appearance is more common when she is willing to claim a new victim, when she is full of hatred and resentment. The only thing that changes is its head, which instead of showing a female anatomy, shows a skull of large and ugly proportions, a skull full of rotten flesh and feathers covering the surface, with large and unseemly eyes, with an immense beak lurking. The head of a crow.

The Way to Kill:

She wants to cause long, slow, mental and physical pain. There are several ways. One of the most common is that Christina shows her victims in parts of her her own story while she was alive until she died. It can be through papers in which she is written her story, or that she herself every time comes before you with her crow head and tells you her story.

At other times the papers that she sends you contain messages of hatred, disgust, mockery towards you. That can lead to madness or sadness. The harassment of Christina are not perceived as simple hallucinations, surely your mental state is reduced in such a way that you are able to perceive with greater intensity her presence and the evils that she brings you. This harassment ends in victims who want to commit suicide, but Christina will not allow it, before that, she herself will end your life. The most favorite is to kill you by tearing your body apart and eating your guts like a crow.


Christina the crow crow.png

As already said, Christina is full of hatred and resentment, she just wants revenge or at least to make those who deserve it feel the pain that she felt. Don't expect empathy from her, no love, no acceptance, no opportunities, nothing.

First Known Victim:

Some classmates who hated her and who led her to her death. the number of students who bullied Christina is unknown. Possibly there were around five. They were the first victims along with "Anna", a girl that used to be friend with Christina, sadly Anna was an accomplice in Christina's death too. All of them with ages around 17 to 20 according to the rumorms of the story. Their identities are forgotten, except Anna, her name at least has remained until nowadays.

Known Skills:

  • Appear and disappear.
  • Control the crows.
  • Induce insanity and depression.
  • Eat bodies with her crow beak.
  • (Less possible) Crow wings that allows her flying.

Known Weakness:

  • For now, not a weakness known.

History - Origin:

Christina was an 18 year old girl who was studying in high school. There she was hated by her classmates, the cause is that she was different from the others, introverted, shy, scary, and also what attracted the most attention, Christina was a lover of "strange" animals, such as octopuses, spiders, and her favorites... crows. In general she had unusual tastes. Graveyards, gloomy things and more.

The last year before graduation, she was approached by a person, a girl named Anna who gave Christina so much love and trust that the two became friends, even so close that they sometimes seemed like sisters. Although they were somewhat opposite, they still respected and loved each other. This relationship made Christina take great affection and attachment towards Anna, who because of joining Christina was also the victim of abuse by her classmates.

There was one group of teenagers in the class especially who despised Christina so much that at every opportunity, they bullied her, made fun of her, assaulted her mentally and physically, and they never seemed to get enough. They was 5 people possibly.

All of this went on throughout the year. On the final school days, a gray, dull, and cold day, the teens waited for classes to end to kidnap Anna and Christina and take them into the depths of a nearby forest. In that place, the teenagers tied Christina with chains to a tree, but Anna was set free, Anna went with them. Confused Christina knew in that moment that Anna had never really been her friend, actually Anna hated her too. As Christina lay tied up against the tree crying, the group of teenagers threw her papers with insults and taunts wrote towards her, they also spat at her and laughed as much as they could. They made her feel disgusting.

Finally, the students left the place, but not before telling Christina that they would leave her there and no one would help her get away, they were going to leave her there to starve. That was the last time everyone would see Christina.

The next day, very early in the morning, the teenagers went to the great forest to look for the girl, but when they reached the huge tree where he had her tied, Christina had disappeared. They believed that Christina had managed to escape, they went to classes but surprisingly the girl did not attend. The 5 students drew the conclusion that Christina had gone home after escaping and did not want to go back to class, however soon after they realized that the girl's parents had filed a missing person report on her.

A month later Christina was found in the forest inside a deep hole in the ground which was filled with dirt, leaves, worms and dead crows which had been eating her body.

Pentagram.pngBy: Ed Dead