Christina Bishamon


I'm going back to hell...Quote from Christina.

Christina Bishamon was a girl who was cursed with a psychic ability, ever since she was a child she was a broken being.


(Work in Progress)


Christina isn't a girly girl, nor is she a tomboy. Chris wears a light pink shirt, black skirt suspender, with white leggings and knee high light brown boots. Her eyes are a unique shade of pink (the eyes of the devil), her skin is pale. Chris has chocolate brown hair in a short, uneven hairstyle.


Most people see her as a cute little teenager, however, you should never judge a book by its cover they say. She's usually sarcastic from time to time, sometimes even a little bit foolish.


  • Project 89 was created by AsumiDraw.
  • Christina is currently 19-years-old.
  • Her birthday is on March 30th.
  • She's straight/bi-curious.
  • Christina doesn't get enough sleep.
  • The victim's gender doesn't matter to Christina, she kills whatever and whoever she wants to kill.
  • Christina kills due to her demonic satisfaction for gore.
  • She kills anything with a heartbeat.
  • Christina is a mentally strong and confident being but has the strength of an average human.
  • Christina is a talented singer but doesn't like to show it in front of other people.
  • Has a scar (branded) on her back in the shape of the number "89". Which is one of the demons from hell.
  • She can be stubborn and selfish from time to time.
  • Prefers to make her kills quick, so she's able to catch her next victim.
  • Christina doesn't talk much about her past.
  • Once Christina killed one of her many victims, she became addicted to gore.
  • Christina may be part devil, but she does not have a form for it. She simply has the instincts of one, kills because it's what she was intended to do.

Theme Song

Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless

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