You just been catfished
~ Catfish Cadee's catchphrase

Cadence Jaden Cooley always was addicted to her phone and thought she was ugly so she started to get pictures from the internet and pretend to be someone else.


Cadee was bullied a lot once it was discovered she had cancer. She thought she was ugly because she was bald from kemo. Cadee was always desperate for love, so she started to catfish boys and sometimes even girls. Cadee met a girl named Ravana, and she learned about the Slenderman from her. One day she was walking home from school, in the road, and suddenly a car ran over her.


  • She is 11 years old.
  • She is a cannibal.
  • Has a broken nose due to the car running over her.
  • Her body turned pale due to the fact that before she died she was stressed and that made her lose color in her hair and body
  • She is bisexual
  • Cadee regained her hair after she died
  • Her creator is Koolnash
  • She is canonically shipped with Fake Zayden
  • She is nice (sometimes), insane, dangerous, lazy


twenty one pilots: Cancer