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What is "Marked for Deletion" for?

If the category Marked for Deletion is on any page, then that page will be deleted by our administrators. If your page gets this category, do NOT remove the category. If it is removed, the page will be deleted on the day the category was removed on for good. Only the administrators of the wikia can place or remove this category.

Ways to Get This Category:

  1. Unrelated to Creepypasta in general.
  2. Character being OP (meaning Overpowered) (Mary-Sue Or Gary-Stu) character (Ex. Slenderman, Nina the Killer).
  3. Resembling the famous Creepypasta characters (Ex. Jeff the Killer).
  4. Having the exact same characteristics of any famous characters.
  5. Being extremely similar to the famous Creepypasta characters or other characters in other fandoms. (Ex. Jeff the Killer).
  6. Having no words on the page.
  7. Just having an infobox on the page.
  8. Being requested.
  9. Stolen picture or art that credit was not given to the original artist.
  10. Inappropriate page creation (automatic deletion if spotted by an administrator or content moderator and a 3 day block)
  11. Not following the Page Guidelines.
  12. An extreme amount of grammar and spelling mistakes which makes the page hard to read.
  13. Having an extreme amount of clichés (vague bullied, vague abused, becoming powerful for no reason, murdering for no reason). Example: Nina the Killer.
  14. Only serves for the purpose of advertisement.


You will be given an explanation by the administrators on your message wall of why your page was marked for deletion, and also give you two weeks to fix it before we will completely delete it, however, if your page has already been deleted you will be given one more chance to write a paragraph in a discussion post in the deletion appeal category or through a message placed onto the staff member responsible of the termination stating why you think the page should stay on the wiki, or else the page is completely deleted and will not be brought back.

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