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C is a human who became host to a supernatural unknown being.


C has silky black hair, a purple and brown eye, a porcelain doll's skin tone, and an hourglass-shaped body covered in scars. They sport a grey sleeveless turtle neck, a decorative necklace, thigh-long shorts, and knee high leather boots


At first glance, she will appear to be very passive, helpful, and caring, a perfect facade for her sadistic, narcissistic, and manipulative nature and megalomania, a trait she received from Parasite. Well only for humans and other supernatural beings.

She does seem to care for creatures such as animals and plants, this was observed from her relationship with her "pet" Fei


C is actually a victim of another Creepypasta, when she ran away from home, she decided to explore the woods, where she was attacked by the Creature, she tried to defend herself against it, however she ended up being brutally injured; she suffered head trauma; causing her to be knocked unconscious (and leading on to her amnesia), robbed of some internal organs and left to die.

Luckily she was found by another supernatural being, who took advantage of the situation by inhabiting her body, but still, it was a better alternative than dying.

Ever since then she follows the guide of the supernatural being she hosts, Parasite.


It started when I was 16, my sister told me she was just going out with her friends, but she never came back. We had search parties to find her for 4 weeks, sadly we weren't able to get a trace of her.

I was upset by this and mother barely reacted. The house felt more empty and spacious without Chrys.

A few years later, I heard something tapping my window, I assumed that it was just the wind or a bird...until I heard her, "Where...are you?", I rushed towards it and opened the window─

"C", There was a note attached to my window, written on it was "C", I took it, on the back of it were coordinates...coordinates to a warehouse outside of town, I thought to myself "Could this be a clue?", of course, it had to be... my sister's name started with a C. The next morning, I went to the warehouse, they were many people gathered outside, I tried to figure what was going on, by the time I could finally see what was going on at the front, my heart dropped My mother was lying right there, surrounded by blood and flesh that was ripped off of her body Just then, a girl with black hair passed me and said with a huge grin "You're next", I turned around to look at her one last time... she was gone. Every night, I would hear crying and laughter even though no one was in the house, when I got tired of it, I decided to leave the house, while packing, I noticed something, our family picture, my sister was wearing a shirt with the letter C, and right behind her, was a dark silhouette that resembled the girl who passed me

Parasite's Powers

Back in the day, Parasite had her own body and her own abilities, but now that it's all gone she has to share it all with C. But of course, in order to use her magic, she has to siphon life force from other beings and she can even grow stronger by feeding off of stronger creatures, so keeping her away from powerful entities is a must

Abilities Description
Maliakinesis The shape the malia takes must be fluid or round. Her Malia can either be really hot or explosive. This type of magic can only be used by Parasite's species.
Siphoning This is an ability limited also to Parasite's species, they do this in order to prolong their lives and to strengthen their magical capabilities
Shapeshifting She can only do full body transformations, her other form resembles the malia she uses

Other facts and matters


  1. Who's Fei? She's a demonic animal called an Ilmoremur (I'll put a pic of her later)
  2. Why is her name C? The back of her necklace has a small C carved into it
  3. Why does she follow Parasite's orders? When you get an Amnesia, do you know how to live/survive? Exactly
  4. Who's the Creepypasta that attacked her? Guess


  1. Parasite actually has a name, but I want you guys to guess it :)
  2. Parasite comes from a species of parasitical demons that are based on Filipino Legends called "Engkanto", (Engkanto's like to live in trees, and at the time Parasite was living in a tree and she witnessed C and the creature fighting, and according to her, the creature was very humanoid)
  3. Her Creator is CPAU78 (old account, I got locked out oof) new account is here