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Looks like you're out of luck...
~ Bloody Kittens Iconic Quote


They were a stray that was adopted by a family soon after being born and abandoned. It was soon discovered that the family were murdered in-front of the cat, before the cat was shot 5 times in the chest. It was awoken by Lucy testing out her abilities. They soon grew a bond between each other and used necromancy to bring the cat back but there was a price. The cat would have to become a demon or stay dead. Lucy made the choice and brought the cat back and here they are now a demonic cat who is a distraction.


  • Bribing them with fish
  • Putting them in their human form (they have a human form and they don't have a lot of stamina which makes them weak and easier to kill).
  • Dousing fish with holy water.

Weapon(s) of Choice

  • Their claws.
  • Their kittens.
  • Fear.


  • Fish.
  • Murder.
  • Children.
  • Blood.
  • Sneak Attacks.
  • Singing.
  • Piano.


  • Sloppy Murderers.
  • The Night Demon.
  • Liars.
  • Bad Horror-movies.
  • Abusive Relationships.
  • Drugs.

Theme Song

Battle Against An Undead Hero-Goretale


  • They're Creator is Frara