I Can Hear Your Blood Rushing
~ Blood Rush


Real Name: Alexandra “Alex” Guerrero 

Alias: Blood Rush 

Meaning to Name: Ability to slice victim’s body in a great speed

Nickname(s): Alex, BR, Alexei, Pookie 

Age: 13 

D.O.B: September 9 2007

Birthplace: Denver, Colorado

Language: English, and Spanish 

Current Residence: Unknown 

Gender: Gender-fluid  

Species/Race: Human

Status: Active 

Alliance: N/A 


  • (Former) Student
  • (Current) Proxy


Weapon(s): Hunting dagger

Method of Killing:  

  • Coming up with speed and slicing the necks 
  • Cutting up their limbs 
  • Stabbing them in the neck 
  • Stabbing them in the heart 

Goal/Reason to Kill:  

  • Suffering from mind control 
  • Controlled to do so 


[C]Phrase: I Can Hear Your Blood Rushing

Theme Song: Blackout


  • Creative Writing 
  • Electronics 
  • Hacking 
  • Knife Making 
  • Magic 
  • Whittling 

Special Items: Her knife 


  • Writing down on her journal 
  • Using her phone 
  • Hacking into others phone and computers 
  • Creating knives 
  • Sharpening knives 
  • Practicing magic 
  • Whittling on her wooden statues 


  • Uncharged phone 
  • Making a mistake when hacking 
  • Her knives breaking 
  • Her wooden statues breaking 
  • People pushing her around 

Fear(s): Loud noise


  • Serious 
  • Calm 
  • Focus 
  • Ambitious 
  • Quick minded 
  • Fast mind 


Backstory: Alexandra Guerrero was seen to be a different girl than her other siblings. Her parents noticed that she seemed to act differently at times, she would act feminine and masculine at times. It wasn’t until she reached middle school, Alexandra took noticed she was a gender-fluid person. She decided to be proud of it, however it led to bullying. At times, whenever she would become gender-fluid others would tease her and point at her. To their eyes, she was crazy and they would bully her for being different. Alexandra would ignore the bullies, however she began to suffer from mental issues with it. She tried to talk to the school about it, but they turned the other cheek.

For now, she was alone with her own thoughts. It was up to her to defend herself. Whenever, she would get bullied or teased, she would snap back at them, and sometimes it would result in physical fighting. Since she was fighting the other students, she was sentenced into suspension. Her parents grew angry at her for causing so much trouble in school, but she would always defend herself, saying that it was the other people’s fault.

She would cry, why couldn’t they accept her for who she is? If she wanted to be identified as gender-fluid then allow her. Her parents didn’t want anything to do with her anymore, so they decided to lock her in her room wanting her to think about what she did.

It would lead to lash outs because deep inside her heart was aching. No one was able to sympathize with her, and she would call out from the window for help. Since her house was close to the woods, she would hear birds chirping in response to her screaming. However, she could only scream so much, since her parents would slap her to quit her screaming.

Unable to control her screaming, she began to beg for her parents to allow her to at least walk in the forest. With no options, her parents allowed her. Thankful for the response, she walked into the forest looking around with a smile in her face.

The beauty of the forest was magnificent. Birds chirped, the wind blew the leaves away from the tall dark trees, and the ground would crack under her feet as she walked. Going deep into the forest she began to hear footsteps that weren’t hers. Confused by this, she began walking down the forest, then she saw a man with a blue and black mask.

He stands near a tree and appears to look at her. However, she couldn’t see if he was or not. So she comes over to him, and wonders who he is. As she gets closer to him, he whispers to her, there is a man in the woods. She gets confused but continues walking down the forest, wondering what he meant. Coming back from the walk, she was interested in the unknown man. During the nighttime, as she went to sleep she would see the mask the man wore embedded in her mind. When she closed her eyes, she would hear whispers in her room. She never opened her eyes, in fear of what was in her room with her.

The next day, she decided to work on a mini project. Inspired by the man she saw in the forest, she began to work on a mask. The mask was created with a papier-mâché mask she created, and she began to paint it red with black on one side. Finally, she was proud of something she had. In front of the mirror, she wore it and deeply loved her creation. Hoping she would see the masked man again, she opened her window during the night-time. Instead of seeing the masked man, she began to hear whispers of another man. The unknown man was asking her to come back to the forest, and find him.

Confused with this request, she ignored it and went to her bed to lie down. However, the whispers began to become louder in her mind and she began to feel dizzy. When she got up from her bed, she fell down and clutched on her head. A breeze flew into her window, and when she looked outside the window, she saw the unknown man. He was of slender-figure with no face. She screamed in fear, and looked at him. The direction he was at, looked like he was also staring at her too.

Shaking her head, she heard his voice again, and he told her to come out. She didn’t want to, until she felt a sudden urge to come out for some reason. Unable to control the urge, she grabbed her mask she created, and began to open her door. She tried her hardest to not grab the door knob, but she wasn’t controlling her body. Someone else was. As she opened the door, she saw her parents downstairs. Her parents looked at her, and began to argue why she wasn’t in bed.

For some reason, she now had the urge to kill them. Biting her lip, she grabbed the hunting knife hidden in the kitchen cabinet, and walked to her parents. Her parents screamed at her again, what was she doing? She shook her head, and with a tight grip on the knife she attacked them. She wasn’t controlling her body at all, but with each stabbing her heart soared in relief. The pain of the bullying, the pain of mistreatment, and the pain of people not accepting her disappeared.

Once she finished the job, her mind snapped back to reality. When she looked down, her parents’ bodies were mutilated beyond recognition. Silently she screamed, and fell down to the floor. Then she heard footsteps, she looked up and saw the unknown man again. He kneeled down to her, and placed his finger on her parents’ blood.

She looked at him, and then he smeared her parents’ blood on her forehead. Shocked at what he was doing, she whispered to him, what was the point of that. He stood up, and told her that now she was blessed with powers.

She was chosen due to her past. Lending out his hand, he whispered to her if she would come with him. Looking at him, she grabbed his hand and together they walked into the forest.


Orientation: Unknown

Relationship/Partner: N/A


  • Antonio her father 
  • Brissia her mother 
  • Vanessa her sister 
  • C.J her brother 

Allies/Friends: (Former) Jasmine


  • Her classmates 
  • Her parents 


Hair: Dark brown

Skin: Fair tan 

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’5

Weight: 115

Body Type: Thin 

Outfit: Black binder, red coat, black pants, and black combat boots 

Accessories: Her red leather and chain choker  

Distinguishing Features: Her mask  



  • Insanity - A state of mind in which the person is mentally unstable
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD is characterized with unreasonable obsession thoughts that lead to compulsive behavior


  • Peak-Human Condition - Have body condition at human peak form  
  • Peak-Human Combat - Have combat skills at human peak form  
  • Speed Combat - Ability to use speed in combat  
  • Speed Strike - Ability to use speed to strike at victims (via. blood magic or knives)  
  • Blood Magic - Ability to use blood magic  
  • Blood Manipulation - Ability to manipulate blood  
  • Blood Consumption - Ability to consume blood (via. sucking on victim's body or licking)  
  • Blood Empowerment - Ability become more powerful or have more energy with blood  


  • She need to continue training to maintain peak condition 
  • She can only manipulate blood and no other liquids  
  • Even with her skill in combat she can still be defeated 
  • In order to continue speed combat she needs lots of energy 
  • In order to continue speed strike she needs absolute focus and energy 
  • To use blood magic she needs blood of her own victims 
  • To continue using blood magic she needs to consume lots of blood 
  • For blood empowerment she needs to either suck the blood or allow the blood to hit her skin 
  • Needs absolute control when drinking blood 
  • Needs absolute control and focus when using blood magic 


• Intelligence: 9

• Strength: 6

• Speed: 8

• Agility: 7

• Endurance: 6 

• Stamina: 8

• Balance: 9

• Tolerance: 6 


  • Alexandra means One who comes to save warriors
  • Guerrero means Warrior
  • Alexandra is hinted to not be her real name 
  • One of the few confirmed Creepypasta to be gender-fluid 
  • She was chosen due to be mentally unstabilized 
  • She suffered acute Slender Sickness 
  • She did keep the hunting knife she used to kill her parents 
  • She is considering of getting out of his mind control so she can work alone
  • It was hinted she saw Eyeless Jack in the forest 
  • It was hinted he only took her for that reason 
  • It’s possible she is now his proxy due her abilities of manipulating blood 
  • Since she was mentally unstabilized it was easier for him to control her 
  • He controlled her body and mind to kill her parents 
  • He had granted her blood magic due to her savagely killing her parents 
  • Due to her parents blood she was granted blood magic 
  • Eventually she went back to the house to grab her mask 
  • Even though she has the knife she normally uses her magic 
  • However when she uses blood magic, the magic steals either a minute to a year of her life force 
  • Therefore she needs to only use the magic in moderation
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