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Rachel was a girl who had to take care of her sister. Ever since she was tricked, her dad tried to abuse her and went to jail.


Before Rachel’s incident, she had green eyes, beautiful red cherry hair, pale skin, and a white dress with white flats.

After the incident, her short hair became messy, she cut her hair and put it in front of her eyes. Her white dress became dusty and she will also never show anyone her eyes.


Rachel is the mother-like creepypasta. She is nice, sweet, and loves kids. She loves to help and watch roasts for some reason. She was exactly like that before she became a creepypasta.


Rachel was a girl who was homeschooled. She never got to meet her mother, but she heard she left her father because she liked someone else. Ever since her parents divorce, her dad had been drinking and threatening to kill people. Her little sister Ranika got bad influences from him. When going to school, she would get picked on by many people, but she couldn’t tell anyone.

One day, Rachel came to a voodoo shop. When she went in she saw a handsome looking man there. He told her that he would give anything to her, any wish, but only for a price. The price was that Rachel had to give up her human soul. Rachel saw his attractivness and she decided to agree. But it was all a trick. Her skin became pale and lifeless, her hair became messy, her eyes were not green no more, they were gray. She hated how she looked. The man kissed her and ran away.

Rachel then started running home crying. When she got home, she saw Ranika getting slapped by her dad. Rachel then killed her dad by using a knife. Rachel ran to the bathroom and started cutting her hair and putting it over her eyes. She then grabbed Rae Rae and ran to the woods. Ranika found another girl. She was pale too. She then decided to take care of Ranika and the girl. The girls name was Lucy. Rachel loved Lucy, she was beautiful, smart, and funny. She also had an abusive family who she killed. Rachel decided that she would do anything for her. Then Rae Rae got lost. Rachel was so scared and tried looking for her. She found a mansion. The mansion is abandoned, with Rachel not having a home now, especially for the kids, she decided to live there to start fresh.


  • Hates Ben and Jeff
  • Loves kittens but dislikes cats
  • Her sister so sassy😜
  • Gets along with Rouge due to similar goals and their mother-like behavior
  • Blood Rachel is 31 years old