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Blogs are a fun feature of the wiki as you can communicate with other people, advertise your page, and introduce yourself! However, there are of course rules to this feature. And these are a some of our rules for the blogs!


  • Can be made to introduce yourself (e.g Q&A, other wikis you might attend, simple discussion of the site's creations).
  • Can be made to advertise other wikis, so long as the advertisement is short and is not an attempt to shame/harass this site in the process (e.g insulting this site, harassing other users to join the advertised wikis, etc).
  • Cannot be made to point out bugs. Report the bug to FANDOM Staff.
    • NOTE 1: use Special:Contact/bug or Special:Contact.
      • NOTE 2: if Special:Contact is used, one member from the support team will notify the technical team and the technical team will look into it.
  • Cannot be made to place your Creepypasta characters and/or their stories. Make a page using the "Add New Page".
  • Do NOT add category Community Highlight! Blog will be deleted if that category is added. Community Highlight is to be added by wiki staff (if the blog earns it).
  • Can be made to advertise your page as long as you provide a link to it and not paste the whole page on the blog!
  • Do NOT use the blog guidelines to bully or threaten someone.
  • Staff members can use a blog post for an announcement as long as it isn't for something unimportant/inappropriate.