• Eyesoap

    Vent? idk

    August 2, 2020 by Eyesoap

    I'm in a weird mood today so I decided I wanted to draw something.

    Sometimes I get all spaced out so I start drawing a picture that represents the space I'm in.  Idk how to explain, it's not a bad mood or anything just really out there feeling. Basically, my brain is mush and I made a drawing out of it. If y'all want to use this image be my guest!

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  • Fraratheresserectedchild

    So as you know happypastas are the good versions of creepypastas,there is only one happypasta on here,aka splendor man,the reason i haven't put this idea on the main page is because everytime i try it wouldn't let me whatsoever,and i mean theres already a lot of creepypastas and only 1 happypasta on here.

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  • VanillaTwilight2210

    New edit

    July 26, 2020 by VanillaTwilight2210

    Please tell me what you think I need to know so I could improve. 

    This took a while to make. T^T

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  • CriticizerHere

    Do you yourself find the topic of Greek Mythology intriguing to the extend you wish you could find research when writing a Creepypasta inspired by Greek Gods/Godesses? Or perhaps you feel that someone you know needs a good wiki to find reliable and consistently updating information regarding Greek Mythology for their own literature pieces?

    Well, for today's wiki advertisement, you can recommend this wonderful site to yourself when you want to feel inspired or recommend this wiki to your friends online whenever they need a more friendly and understandable approach towards asking questions relating to the topic without receiving complex timelines and characters from dodgy websites.

    "Greek Mythology" refers to stories made by the ancient Greeks…

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  • Eyesoap

    She was pretty

    July 17, 2020 by Eyesoap

    I was in a drawing mood today and I decided to make a creature. I don't know where the idea for her came from but listening to Dark jazz did not help.

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  • ShineintheDark

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  • ShineintheDark

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  • JustAMemer

    Hey hey, I have an idea and it involves everyone here to be involved.

    This was actually inspired by my last blog post when I asked if I should discuss underrated OCs, and a few people thought it would be a good idea. They'll be thanked and mentioned in the next post :)

    So without further ado, if you know any OCs in the fandom that you believe are underrated, comment them or provide a link to the OC's ref, so they can be mentioned in the next blog!

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  • I can walk

    Hello, Some of yall most likely dont know/remember me but im back after a few month hibernation that consisted of 293 pounds of honey NUT cherrios and my own tears, in short term, im back.

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  • 1WatermelonSunshine1


    July 4, 2020 by 1WatermelonSunshine1

    Just a reminder that you are all great people!

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  • JustAMemer

    OK so obviously not everyone has done nor continues to do these things, so don't come at me with that "i neVeRr rite Liek tHat!!"


    Just think of this as a friendly warning that you, as a writer, can avoid when making an OC. Or, if you happen to encounter someone who does all these things, you can address them and (kindly) tell them to stop it. Because even if you don't necessarily write like this, we've all at least seen it before.

    (Plus I just put "all CP writers" in the titles so you would click it :p)

    So, with the disclaimer out of the way, let's just get right into it.

    After a while of researching and looking at various  websites and forums, this is what I gathered. Note: these are mine and others opinions, and no, this isn't to bash o…

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  • 1WatermelonSunshine1

    Wow Watermelon, finally you talk about this.

    I should have made this the first thing I've ever said on this wiki but PuppetStrings is spreading false information. Honestly if it wasn't for the people saying "Well PuppetStrings said.." I would have never said anything. 

    Now I myself used to believe every single word PuppetStrings said, since I was like a 10 year old and I didn't know better. But what she's saying is not real, and I do have evidence towards that to whoever says, "BUT PUPPETSTRINGS--"

    First of all, people literally created the creepypastas PuppetStrings was saying that 'were real' and whatnot. And Ticci Toby is a great example. Because Kastoway (the creator of Ticci Toby) was saying that he wanted Ticci Toby out of the fandom. …

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  • ShineintheDark

    Creepypasta OCs

    June 28, 2020 by ShineintheDark

    Just a reminder for those who may be newer to fandom, I'd like to say that when making a Creepypasta OC, please do not post them in the Famous Creepypasta or Canon Creepypasta categories. They should be placed in the OC category. So that way, it can separate well-known Creepypastas and your OCs. Thank you for reading this! 

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  • CriticizerHere

    Throughout my experiences of the site, many individuals within the younger age range (13-16 years) have included many common yet scarring mental health complications to develop their characters into traumatised serial murderers as a means to express their insecurities into the reflection of rage, anxiety, and depression.

    This list will be about the very common mental illnesses I have found and pointed out within the creations of this site and any missed key-information nor questions about these conditons may be placed into the comments' section of the post. For the obvious reasons, I cannot display all of the information behind the treatments for the conditions but, you are free to explore both of the sites where the data originated from fo…

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  • 1WatermelonSunshine1


    June 27, 2020 by 1WatermelonSunshine1

    Haiii! I would juat like to say some stuff!

    My name is Marissa! But please call me Watermelon!

    I'm bisexual!

    I support Blm 

    I love to spread kindness!

    I do not own any art unless I say so! And if I do make any art and you share it I would love to see that! Pretty much because it makes me really happy when people share something I made qwq

    I may have bad spelling or grammar or *insert something I cannot spell aka punctation?* But nobody is perfect!

    I hate drama qwq Just---why?

    Me love roleplaying uwu

    I'm a creepypasta fan!


    Now you know some info about me! But I want to add something improtant!

    I'm not going to be the most helpful if you come to me with a p…

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  • JustAMemer

    Hello everyone, today I'd thought I would share some information to clear up any confusion or misconceptions about a very certain... character.

    As many of us know by now the Wiki article for the character Ticci-Toby no longer exists. The creator of Ticci-Toby (Wade/Nancy) has announced that they do not want Toby to be associated with the Creepypasta fandom anymore on a podcast, along with a lot of lengthy highlights on their Instagram account.

    However, since the Instagram account group is for people over 18, and most of you are minors (myself included), my older brother screenshotted the important details and stuff, and I'm going to give it to you here.

    Also, I don't want to plug the creator's account to just anyone because:

    1. They did receive h…
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  • VanillaTwilight2210

    1. When people make game creepypastas.

    Nothing against ben drowned or lost silver if course, I think those two are cool but I mean like fortnite, Minecraft, Mario cart, etc. It's just really cringey and annoying to me and everyone I know who likes fortnite are like 9 and 11 year olds who swear and it gets on my nerves.

    2. When someone takes my phone or anything that I own without my permission.

    Oh my lord.. How do I even explain. My 7 year old Cousin steals my phone when I'm not looking and then says she wanted to "Play gacha life" like seriously, if you would have asked first maybe I would let you play on my phone. You can't do just take peoples stuff and run off with it.

    3. When people argue over the dumbest things.

    My cousins argue ALL of th…

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  • CriticizerHere

    This list is merely my own opinion, it is not meant to be an official list of the best Disney villains. Now, the list will not have Pixar villains too, this is solely for Disney ones and no live-action version villains will counted in so...sorry Dumbo (2019), The Lion King (2019) and fans, but only original villains count (and yes, even Maleficent from the recent movie cannot be within this for the simple fact she is both a hero in the form of a forced villlain). And, to avoid anyone questioning me about who is the best? This is just a list, not a chronological one, and only one villain can be mentioned for each film franchise so Toy Story only gets one mention for the franchise.

    1. Jafar - This man is the very definition of greed and pride.…

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  • Zl0371979

    Dear Killers,

    Sorry, I haven't been on here as much...Im just going through a lot of things and needed a break from the internet...I'll try to be on here a little more bc I'm thinking of leaving the wiki..But I have discord so just dm me and ill give u my discord..anyways that's all, for now, Love u, my killers


                                                                                                                                   Ciara the Killer

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  • Siren Head Official

    So I was about to create a page for room zero I acidently published the page with no writing just wanted to let you guys know

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  • Loolveus

    No I am NOT leaving the wiki, just changing up the characters I upload here. (The video explains all)

    Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the pages for these characters, it means a lot to me and has provided me with more confidence in my writing ability. From now on though none of my OCs will be from the connected series I set up with Victor, Beatrix, etc. That will be reserved for my main book series and instead I'll be writing my own stand alone creepypastas from this day own. Maybe some will be connected but idk, and yes I'll still be actively working on the pages for my already existing characters from that series.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • CriticizerHere

    Now, I wanted to make this blog-post for the simple fact of helping aspiring writers watch great people read/review Creepypastas themselves as well as give some advice to those who have been told or felt as if their creations were not good enough to be Creepypastas.

    HoodoHoodlumsRevenge - This YouTuber has been famous for his Creepypasta reading, both the good and bad, whilst reviewing horror films/shows of his choosing. He was also the prime source of me returning to the Creepypasta franchise after I began to watch the majority of his bad Creepypasta reading videos. If you are in any need of assistance to find out the common issues with Creepypasta writing, this is definitely the YouTuber you can turn to for a quick critieria check behind …

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  • Shalinah-Chan

    Okay. It's been the 3rd time since this happened...

    It's the 3 users that has been disturbing the Wiki for a while now..

    First, there's JeffyMine (Who was posting a LOT of Joke Pastas that is literal BS)

    Then there's StinkyUnderpants (Who was posting some weird and gross pics of Feces and Genitals)

    And then there's SexiiMamaCita (Who is CURRENTLY posting profiles of Celebs and so called 'Stalks' them. And is someone that has a weird problem at cussing a lot of words to Users and Admins)

    Can we just enjoy the Wiki in peace???

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  • Loolveus

    Hello, folks. I'd like to use this blog post as a method of drawing attention to one of my newest uploads on YouTube as I feel that it'll be somewhat useful for you.

    This advice mainly applies to villains across fiction however it can EASILY apply to Creepypastas, so if you're pretty new to writing them then I'd say stick around on this post.

    Essentially you need to be unique and fresh, even if you'd rather use a similar base to an already existing character you need to revolutionise it to be your own, this can apply to all types of characters.

    For those of you wanting to make completely evil and irredeemable villains please make them INTERESTING, it gets boring when all you're reading about is a guy who just randomly kills for no reason so t…

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  • CyberGhostyy

    so like,, hi i'm cy/cyber or ghosty! im new to this whole wiki thing but ive been in the creepypasta fandom for about five years now? time goes bye so fast what? anyway the first creepypasta i ever read was either Bloody Painter or judge angels. the first creepypasta i ever heard of was ticci toby (who is no longer part of the fandom and i 100% support wade/kastoway in that). my pronouns are she/her or he/her. im an artist and probably the most overdramatic person you will will ever meet pfft. 

    my current favorite creepypasta is Nina. shes literally the best character. her concept is really cool and original and if given the chance i would die for her. i really dislike her wiki. i believe it supports bullying and spreads misinformation. Nin…

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  • Poppy Pansina

    If you click on this link, even though it's isn't quite finished,, ( Unfortunatly, I meant to say "Running Into The Unexpected Laboratory Expirement Failures" and I was cut off.) Test Tube has only 3 lives. If she died 3 times, you will see the screamer image Dark Tube. You can tell how Test Tube has the power to see and was turn antagonisely to Dark Tube. Here's how: V

    Test Tube is doing a science expirement, Let's say that, Ok? And then something caught her eye, and then the clear triangular tube with an orange liquid filled up which looks similar to the orange juice in the cabinet, and she was like " I wonder what when I drink any of this acid." She thought the oran…

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  • FoxysRapBattles

    This is not some cringe proxy post. This is to put out reasons on the supposed proxy's for people who are new to creepypasta and need some help on slenderman.

    Masky is a part of a web series know as Marble Hornets, sure MH is connected to Slenderman, but in a different way, the creators of MH said the their series in not connected to other series about Slenderman, therefore Masky is not a proxy.

    the wiki even says "Contrary to popular belief Masky is not a Creepypasta character nor a Proxy. Hoodie and Masky originated in the YouTube series Marble Hornets and not only aren't Proxies but have never even come into contact with Slender Man."

    The same as Masky

    not a proxy, in fact she eats other proxy's of slenderman, cause she can't smell the diff…

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  • CriticizerHere

    Despite never finding one of the types of writing within the Creepypasta realm of images and videos, I feel that users should know the difference between the two and find which one is the best in certain circumstances.

    Descriptive VS Narrative.

    By definition, descriptive language is used to help the reader feel almost as if they are a part of the scene or event being described. This is done by illustrating a still-image through writing, not essentially beginning a plot or story but instead solely describing in detail one image, this does mean that the easier way to fall into the trap is by accidentally writing up more than a scene should be and instead dive into an entire sequence of events.

    By definition, narrative language is a story or accoun…

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  • Shalinah-Chan

    Just Asking

    May 24, 2020 by Shalinah-Chan

    Is it okay if i can like... Post Creepy Poems in here. I'm practicing Poetry and i need a good practice place. So... Yeah...? Is it okay...?

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  • VanillaTwilight2210

    Today is my birthday! 

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  • Shalinah-Chan

    So, i was going on Facebook and i saw this "Rober the Doll" Posts. You need to say sorry or else he will hunt you in your dreams... But..

    Everyone i know started believing it... Like, come on bro, I read Creepypastas many time and i KNOW that he will not haunt you. And you can't just comment Sorry for the Curse to be lifted! 

    I'm not mad, just pissed that everyone started believing the curse already without doing proper research. And i know that they're taking this REALLY seriously

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  • I can walk


    May 14, 2020 by I can walk


    I wont be on as much but im now happy i have a job, Im excited! :D

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  • AGhostface

    Tell me whatcha guys think

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  • Spoopybois903

    Most Extroverts are going insane not me. This just gives me the time to keep solving The FNAF Lore and watch TribeTwelve for the 9th time. Finally got almost every Sister Location Pop figure. More Interested in Slender-Verse then actual creepypasta. But I AM NOT going to the Slenderman wiki, They're mean(XD). The Beans have finally turned and will probably revolt against us. I'm writing this cause I can. This is my blog I Have the power. Still Dying inside.

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  • Creepyamara

    This is for the picture for the page scarydoll. Please pick the first or the second. The one with the teddy bear is first. The one with the tail and wing is the second.

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  • Scarshappen


    May 5, 2020 by Scarshappen
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  • Scarshappen

    New story

    May 4, 2020 by Scarshappen

    Hey! I made a new story called Raven violet, I say its pretty good, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

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  • JustAMemer

    This is something that's always kind of bothered or confused me, so we must ask ourselves, what does the word 'canon' mean exactly?

    According to a google source: In fiction, canon is the material accepted as officially part of the story in the fictional universe of that story. It is often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fanfiction.

    So in short, it's just another word for official. The word 'canon'  is primarily used in fanfiction to differentiate between the official storyline in which the fanfiction is based on. Canonical characters are developed by the original artist/writer/group who originally created it. That is why canonicity is often referenced. Anyone's character created works based on the established characters aren'…

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  • AGhostface
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  • Scarshappen


    May 3, 2020 by Scarshappen

    So, I'm kindave new, um, I've edited Lisa the killer and wrote Thread and stitches. Unsurprisingly it's on the delete thing. 

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  • AGhostface

    A joke

    May 2, 2020 by AGhostface

    I got a little bored's a joke that I like:

    Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He's not breathing so his friend calls 911. 'My friend is dead! What should I do?" The operator replies, "Calm down sir, first make sure that he's really dead." There's a silence, then a loud bang. Back on the phone, the guy says, "Ok, now what?"

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  • ZenMaster007

    Hey everyone, I know I'm a relatively new member, and I probably don't have a too good idea on how things work here, but I'm going to try something:

    This post is for people to tell people their favourite Creepypasta on the Wiki, a brief summary of their Pasta, and why they like it.

    Don't hate on other people or Pastas, so nothing like: "Ew that pasta's trash". Saying your least favourite pasta falls under this category.

    PLEASE nothing too unreasonable. This includes excessive fangirling. Meaning nothing like "Omg Ticci-Toby is my favourite because he's so hot".

    My example is:

    My favourite Creepypasta is Eyeless Jack. He is an eyeless humanoid who wears a blue mask and black hoodie, as well as dark jeans. A dark substance leaks from his eye sock…

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  • Overlord of ice

    i would love to find out more about her

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  • AGhostface

    Keep an eye out

    April 30, 2020 by AGhostface

    To anybody who reads this keep an eye out for a user named SomethingRandom6871. He/She seemed to have vandalized a couple of user pages. I don't know if they will try again soon but I have already reported them to the admins.

    And to the vandal, I don't really think that was worth your time. If you have any problem with the wiki or any of the people on here, a simpler decision would be to just leave the website and never come back.

    That's all for now, have a nice day everybody =)

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  • Messenger of Heaven

    Hey everyone I know this is late but I finally have the results!

    1. Peculiar

    This was so well done and well written I loved it, it was interesting the paragraphs were written perfectly.

    2. Shadow People

    While I didn't like that it was bold it was well written and a really interesting read.

    3. Aki Natsukawa

    I liked this character alot but I've seen these types of OCs too many times but great job towards the writer!

    4. Fear of Darkness

    This entry was good but lacked creativity.

    5. Hell Sheathing

    Didn't really make sense to me and was oddly written but I can tell you worked hard on it and you should be proud of your work.

    6. Discord contest This was good but there was no paragraphs it was just a huge wall of text and bold which isn't good, but it also d…

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  • VanillaTwilight2210

    I changed Darius and his appearance A LOT. So I put an image of his old looks and new look together. Which one is better? 

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  • IrrelevantViewer

    So... yeah

    April 26, 2020 by IrrelevantViewer

    Hello everyone,

    So I need to say that I am really sorry that there's been a bit of a pause with my activity here. If you read my previous blog post you'll see I'm talking about, so it might be weird to see me here again. Anyway, I'm writing this today to announce that I'm back again, and I'm now open for CreepyPasta advice and OC reviews.

    Mostly because I need a hobby for the most part. I ain't got shit to do and this works for me.

    So without further ado, requests for OC and story reviews are very much welcomed and encouraged as well. Send me a link to your article via my message wall or down in the comments below, and I'll happily look over it for you.

    I hope you all are having a great day/night during these tough times, and I'm looking forwa…

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  • Ticci alec

    if you did or do have slender sickness please either comment or message me on here  and tell me what it or  does feel like pleade and thanks!

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  • Duncanator 2406

    I’m back

    April 25, 2020 by Duncanator 2406

    I'm back bitch's!

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  • VickyLorelai2546

    The Characters!

    April 24, 2020 by VickyLorelai2546

    Here I'll be showing all my characters that will be here!

    1. Wenda.
    2. G-boy.
    3. Phönix.
    4. Manthieu.
    5. Valentine's Shooter.
    6. Poksyn.
    7. Depression.
    8. Margo.
    9. The Mailman.
    10. The Announcer & Reporter.

    These are the characters that will be here. I think I may create more, so i don't know... yet.

     Bye bye! ^_^/

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