• AGSonic Official

    Do you speak Spanish as your main language? (Yo no, pero yo sí puedo hablar español). Do you want to translate the works and articles to expand for a more bigger audience? Do you want to submit your ocs but can’t understand English much and you think you wouldn’t translate great? Well I got good news for you mi favorito compañeros! There is now an official Spanish version of the Creepypasta Files wiki. Feel free to translate the articles and stories to the Spanish version. Hopefully the Creepypasta fandom could do much more for connecting languages. Link here:

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  • GhostClick

    This is something that has been bothering me recently...

    A few commenters on the Jane the Killer article have been claiming that Jane Arkensaw / Everlasting is not a "rip-off", but is meant to be a "separate interpretation" of the classic Pasta- Jane Richardson.
    While some users were able to bring up some valid points on this topic, however only one argument stood out to me. User, tripoverparty, provided a link to a Tumblr blog where it shows an exchange between FearOfTheBlackWolf (creator of J.Richardson) and PastaStalker64 (creator of J.Arkensaw), where both creators agreed that both of their characters could be used separately in the Jeff the Killer mythos.

    However, the rules on this Wiki suggests that we should only support original charact…

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  • CriticizerHere

    So, it took just a month to fully complete the page previously known as Herobrine Alice as I have now edited the page so it's now better than what it previously was presented.

    Link to the page: Herobrine Alice

    I've been planning to create another separate page for another character known as Cheeky Charlie. I may also make another page for the demon mentioned within both stories. However, I will be writing on separate pages on this wiki full-length stories about each one to help diffuse the amount of questions asked and place a link to said pages at the bottom of the Creepypasta Story Summaries.

    But, I hope you enjoy the character for now as I still plan to continue writing Alice's full story separately soon enough. Thank you for your patience…

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  • CriticizerHere

    [Alright, I understand that Blog-Posts are strictly for the wiki topics or related topics but, this must be said.]

    Previously, a user by the name of OrangeVacktor uploaded numerous OCs onto this wiki and they were later on terminated after they violated certain rules. She later on made her own wiki to post her deleted Creepypastas but, I soon discovered the horrific truth behind her behaviour to the wiki.

    The evidence of the secret can be found on her YouTube channel here at the time length of 6:50.

    I have discovered about the user going through very difficult times of abuse and, as much as I hate to think that I'm giving away every ounce of trust she gave me, she needs the support for her to get through. Yes, I have given her a hotline for c…

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  • Black Runes

    Pet Peeve

    May 29, 2019 by Black Runes

    You know, I really hate it when sommebody makes a character and then they add (and these are just examples) "Has a crush on Jeff", "Laughing Jack has a crush on them", "Is with BEN Drowned", "Is enemies with Eyeless Jack" and then they go "That is sooooooooo Mary-Sue!" or "How can they be together? They aren't in there story!" Um, there is a thing called 'life after the story'. I understand if the character is a Mary-Sue because their story is a rip-off, if they're overly perfect, if they were placed in a character's story when they weren't in the original, or if evrybody is crushing on them. Other than that, they really aren't a Mary-Sue. And people need to understand the difference between a Mary-Sue and a poorly made character. There IS…

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  • Agent Kansas632

    Happy to help

    May 23, 2019 by Agent Kansas632

    Hello, whoever has come onto my profile. I am someone who is happy to deliver feedback and suggest edits. I may not be a staff member, but I am always happy to help anyone who wants my help. My main mission here is to make sure everyone has a chance to show off their characters in the best way possible. If I am unable to help in any way, attached are links to some admin pages who are happy to help you out

    AnimeGirl45  (one of the best people you will ever meet) Evita128 (A gentle but firm person) CriticizerHere (Great at reviews) GhostClick (plain awesome, and a great editor)

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  • AnimeGirl45

    Hey ya'll! I apologize for not making this post yesterday, but yesturday, May 22, was GhostClick' birthday! Please leave a happy birthday and show your support for her as shes a wonderful editor and person and she definitely deserves to recieve some nice things for her birthday! 

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  • Shalinah-Chan


    May 22, 2019 by Shalinah-Chan

    Hey Guys! I just wanted to let you know, that I will not always be online here. I am mostly online at The Brony Fandom, which I'm kinda afraid of. Only 2 people (Including me) is left in the fandom. So please, can you please join us? I don't want a beautiful Fandom I just joined to be gone...

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  • Tripoverparty

    Here are just some of my own personal headcanons for the Creepypastas. Now, I know how everyone feels about headcanons in the Creepypasta fandom, but please don't try to take this too seriously. They're only made for fun.

    1. Jane hides her emotions very well from others. Especially towards strangers, and sometimes when she's around her wife and sister. On the outside she acts tough and lively, but on the inside she's hurting and is still broken-hearted from losing her parents.

    2. Eyeless Jack is type of demon taking a human form. This is why his eyes bleed black and eats kidneys.

    3. Sally doesn't want to be shipped with any of the other Creepypastas or with anyone else, in general. Because of the fact she was raped before she died, it has aff…

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  • OrangeVacktor


    May 17, 2019 by OrangeVacktor

    I would like to be part of the FANDOM Admin.

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  • Akaoai

    Living with DID

    May 16, 2019 by Akaoai

    Ok. So, I have DID (dissociative identity disorder). This means that I have more than one personality. I have myself, Jordan and Lilliana. Jordan is a sarcastic high idiot who annoys everyone I know. Lilliana is an anorexic girl. Shes a lot quieter. I hate DID because I forget weeks and its not like im forgetting them Its like they never existed,

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  • IrrelevantViewer


    May 9, 2019 by IrrelevantViewer

    What is Slenderman best known for?

    A. Kidnapping children.
    B. Kidnapping single moms.
    C. Making waffles for Toby.
    D. Wearing a tie better than anyone.

    Comment your answers below! :)

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  • The Bloody Hell


    May 8, 2019 by The Bloody Hell

    Hi, how are you all doing today? It is raining here :(........ Soooo i am bored. Do you have any suggestions on a creepypasta i should read?

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  • The windigo

    heres a link

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  • Alice Swings

    Just a place to roleplay as Creepypasta Ocs and get them out to the world.

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  • The Bloody Hell


    May 2, 2019 by The Bloody Hell

    Wich creepypasta do you like the most? I like Jeff, he goes in your house waits by your bed until you wake up. When you do he says " Go To Sleep" and kills you. :o

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  • Shalinah-Chan

    NATALIA Is an OC created by me (MonsterCreator1807 in DeviantArt and Shalinah-Chan in Creepypasta Files Wiki)

    Catchphrases are really not necessary in an OC, but I've seen many OCs with a unique Catchphrase (Eg; Rogue and Lazari).

    Most OCs don't have a catchphrase (Eg; Homicidal Liu) 

    Back to the topic

    The reason why Natalia doesn't have a catchphrase because the creator (me) can't think of any catchphrase related to Natalia's skills or abilities. 

    Here are some other reason

    • Natalia can just randomly kill targets without saying anything, to save some time
    • Some Catchphrases i can think of is a little Cringey and kind of doesn't make any sense.
    • I did think of a catchphrase that said  "Now you see me, Now you don't" in reference to Natalia concealing…

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  • BrokenDreams03

    So I know everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to stories, shows, or anything. This fact got me curious to see what you all think makes a good Creepypasta. Is it story line? Is it the reality of it? Is it the mystery of it? Maybe even character design and emotion? Let me know what you think!~

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  • AnimeGirl45

    I apologize for not being as active on this wiki. Currently, I lost a bit of interest in the FANDOM. I'm not sure why. And the amount of exams I have to finish is stressing me out. Anyway, I'll try to be more active on here! I'll probably be really active around May and probably when school is over for a bit. 

    Pages I'm currently working on: 


    ​​​​​​Tail's Doll (if possible)

    Hobo Heart (uwu) 

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  • Laughinghearse

    weird question

    April 18, 2019 by Laughinghearse

    what type of creepypasta would you guys say a little girl that turns into a maneating monster at night should be categorized under?

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  • CriticizerHere

    I have been reviewing many different types of Creepypastas and I've commonly found many clichés within some of the originals and the spinoffs of famous Creepypastas. But, whether you agree or disagree with a cliché said is up to you (please just be mindful of others when stating your opinions).

    What, in your opinion, is the most annoyingly overused cliché writers use when creating a Creepypasta character, storyline, personality and/or abilities?

    [WARNING: If you wish to name a Creepypasta that has the cliché, I recommend not doing so, unless you have the permission to do so, as to not upset the creator.]

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  • Shalinah-Chan

    I downloaded Grammarly to edit Natalia Carson's Wiki page, The Marked For Deletion is removed but, i noticed 62 wrong grammars in the story, so i changed it. But I'm afraid it will be Marked for Deletion again.

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  • Shalinah-Chan

    A Little Paranoid

    April 9, 2019 by Shalinah-Chan

    I'm a little bit paranoid about my OC Natalia, one tag is Marked For Deletion. I read about it, and I got scared, I need to edit the wiki page before it will be deleted. LunaDRose edited some things in the page, (Thank you btw), and I added Grammarly to edit some things today, I need to get a better work...

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  • GhostClick


    April 8, 2019 by GhostClick

    I've been noticing a lot of people who seem to think that Creepypasta is dying, while that is not entirely true, but I do agree that Creepypasta is most definitely not as popular when you try to compare to how it was back in 2007 - 2013.

    Anyways… many seem to have the idea is that the reason for Creepypasta lacking any real interest nowadays is all because of what happened due to the Slender incident. No. It's not because of that. The reason is because of this: fans turning on each other and bashing each other… I mean, think about it, everywhere you look you'll find that we are constantly tearing each other apart! And it is utterly disappointing to see that our own ‘family’ is at each others throats, and for what? Over some petty misunderstand…

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  • IrrelevantViewer

    Ok, so by now, many of you should already know of the established category- Canon CreepyPasta, which is mostly seen on the more widely known CreepyPasta's pages on here (i.e. Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Ticci-Toby, etc,..), and that it is described as- This category is for characters whose stories got accepted on the main, thus making them canon.

    … Uh, no offense but not only is that not true, but it also makes absolutely zero sense. Because technically speaking, there is no such thing as a - "canon" CreepyPasta. I mean, just because they were lucky enough to get accepted onto the official CreeyPasta website doesn't exactly make them canon. They're all just stories who were all created by someone. Like, Jeff was created by so…

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  • FurryLord


    March 30, 2019 by FurryLord

    first of all- i live. yes, you may bow down.

    second- lately ive been noticing that a lot of creepypasta ocs are nekos. honestlynot something really original... but. it has given me insparation for a story. i wanted to know if i should attempt to go through with writing the story. please leave me your thoughts.

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  • Zl0371979


    March 28, 2019 by Zl0371979

    hey everyone just wanted to let yall know that last friday were me and Trainaaut's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! It was soooo fun on my birthday!!!!!!i just want yall to know that i adore each and every one of yalls company cause......all of yall get me haha..........well hope yall have a great day ^.^

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  • GhostClick

    Creepypasta: Rouge

    March 21, 2019 by GhostClick

    I decided to make a page for the canon Creepypasta OC "Rouge", since there wasn't any. I hope I did alright for my first time making a page.

    You can see it here --> Rouge

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  • Black Bullet235


    March 20, 2019 by Black Bullet235

    Hello everyone, I have a question, apparentIy I can't upload a photo for my character, Crush, it says invaild token, and I'm trying to find the image policy, but I can't find it. Can someone help me find it? 

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  • Trainaaut

    birthday blog

    March 19, 2019 by Trainaaut

    hey guys so on 3 days its me and


    BIRTHDAY!!! wish us a happy birthday pls and thank u :3

    love ya 

    peace out 

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  • Messenger of Heaven

    Hey I'm Messenger of Heaven the new admin I'm here to invite everyone to a cross wiki event that's coming soon hosted by EarthlingnAkumi.

    I know this is a short blog but there is a longer explanation here about what this is about: 2019 SciWorld is coming soon!

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  • TheRogue12


    March 15, 2019 by TheRogue12

    So everyone. In case you haven't noticed, I'm less active than I used to be here. The reason for this is because I've had a lot to do and it just distracts me from some places. Anyway that's why I want to ask you all something - can you all do me a favor and try to help me get more active? I really want to be more alive here, and I've been more active than before but I still want to be regularly active so I just wanted to ask if you all could help in some way. Like maybe leaving me a message on my wall every now and again or something, just something that could remind me of this place so I can get more active.

    Thanks, that's all.

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  • AnimeGirl45

    Hi! I'm AnimeGirl45 ! And I just wanted to advertise one of my friend's stories! My friend, alexsdatabaseofthings , is an extremely great writer, he makes extremely detailed and wonderful stories so please, check out some of his works! 

    If you want to find most of his writings, they are listed under the category: Narrative

    Heres one of them!:


    I'm sorry for maybe annoying you with this announcement, but please, check out some of his works! 


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  • TheBlankfacedone

    A teaser

    March 12, 2019 by TheBlankfacedone

    This image is a teaser for one of my last 4 pages I'm gonna create.

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  • Evita128

    Wikicoders program

    March 10, 2019 by Evita128

    Are you excellent at working on wikitext for articles?

    Are you skilled in CSS?

    Are you addicted to JS?

    Then this program is perfect for you!

    As we constantly aim for more of the community to take initiative, this program will inspire our more prominent coders to make attempts at advancing our templates and even our main page to enhance other users' experiences here at the CFW.

    Upon being a wiki coder, you will receive...

    • A wiki coder profile tag
    • Yellow CSS
    • Access to the CFW Council
    • Temporary Moderation Abilities for your time as a wiki coder

    If you intend to apply, reply in the comments!

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  • AnimeGirl45

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  • GhostClick

    Okay, stop me if you've heard this before- "Creepypastas are supposed to be scary, not sexy!"

    So, just as the title of this blog suggests: Does sexiness really ruin the scare factor for a Creepypasta? Should we regard a story and/or an OC that features a conventionally attractive protagonist the same way we regard a grotesque/disfigured looking character? I know, this might seem like a dumb question and I'm sure that you're probably thinking right now- "But attractive characters are typically Mary-Sues, and Mary-Sues aren't scary!, Yeah I can understand what people mean by that, but just follow me for a second.

    First of all, we have to identify what is a Mary-Sue exactly? According to Wikipedia it's described as: A Mary Sue is an idealized and see…

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  • AnimeGirl45

    New Bureaucrat!

    March 7, 2019 by AnimeGirl45

    Evita128 has been promoted to bureaucrat! Congrats! 

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  • Evita128

    Hello! Some of you may know me around here as I am an administrator for this lovely site. Evidently, I've made this blogpost to apply for bureaucratic rights on this wiki.

    If you are unaware of what bureaucratic rights are, let me assist you. Upon acquiring the user right known as a bureaucrat, one obtains two new abilities; one being that they can promote others to any position(a step up from adminship where they could only promote others to discussions and chat moderators) and the other being that they can only be demoted by FANDOM staff.

    Opposed to merely asking for bureaucratic rights and receiving them, I'd much rather have community consensus on such.

    I've had past experience with user rights on several other wikis.

    • Content Moderator for…

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  • IrrelevantViewer

    [Heads up, no hate towards Americans, ok. I'm an American myself, just fyi]

    Okay, lately I've been noticing that there are a lot of CreepyPasta oc's, on here and on other sites (like Wattpad and DeviantArt) who are either American or are set in the United States in general... Like, what's up with that?

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  • Lollipop616

    Hi! I'm Lollipop616. I am new to this, so bear with me...

    Some fun facts about me: I love to draw, Laughing Jack is my favorite creepypasta, I became a fan when I learned about Slenderman, and I love to make new friends. I also like answering questions, as long as it's valid, of course :3!

    I'm also thinking about writing about my very own Creepypasta! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this:)

    As I've said, I like questions, so please leave plenty of those!

    See ya later!

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  • TheBlankfacedone

    So any of you reading this probably know me as the guy who created some of these pages

    • Wheezing Barnes
    • Lucas Connor
    • The Triad pages

    Well, I wanted to tell everybody who does read this that I'm only to write 4 more pages after this then I'm done.

    (No I'm quitting or leaving the wiki itself, I f***ing love this place)

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  • Sciophobia


    February 28, 2019 by Sciophobia

    Im new to this place and i hopw to get off on the right foot, so plz tell me some things to know plz

    Sciophobia (talk) 22:46, February 28, 2019 (UTC)Scio

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  • AnimeGirl45

    Read This Please

    February 7, 2019 by AnimeGirl45

    Hello! ItzzzzAnimeGirl45! A current admin and brat here are Creepypasta Files Wikia! 

    Things have been a bit hectic around here, haven't they? Anyway, I want to confirm that Rin/DarkAngel18 (a retired and toxic and backstabbing used to be an admin here) has gone against us once more since he was the one to attack yesterday. 

    Also, he threatened today to attack the wiki if I did not do his demands which were:

    I lied to agreeing since I needed to buy time since I was in school. I refused now. 

    Proof of Admiting: 

    Wonderful, ain't it? 

    Anyway, Rin/DarkAngel18 is a threat to Creepypasta Files Wiki, along with the ARCC. So we're definitely NOT friends.

    So he will not be allowed back on the wiki for any standards. 

    That is all~ 

    ~AnimeGirl45 (a local adm…

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  • Evita128

    'Helper' Program

    February 6, 2019 by Evita128

    Hello! It's everyone's least favourite administrator here, Evita. I'm proposing the idea of a 'helper' program and I will be running it,in the near future, as the wiki grows and when we actually have a discord server.

    What is a helper program, you ask?

    Well it's a group of active and responsible wiki users along with certain staff members(with ranks of content moderator and above) who implement new features onto the wiki. Ultimately, these members discuss and propose new and salient changes to the wiki and they vote unanimously, acting as a council for our wiki.

    How do I become a helper?

    An administrator will nominate you for the position, following this you and one or two others will be voted on for the helper position. Whoever has the most v…

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  • AnimeGirl45

    Okay, I have to write this kind of quick since I'm in school right now. Recently a person notified me that a person was impersonating me as AnimeGirl46 while saying they're my bot. 

    First off,  I don't have a bot and will never have a bot. This is my only account. 

    this is the only account I'll ever use on fandom. 

    i have to thank Evita128 for fixing everything while I was absent. I'll be back soon to check on the wiki after school is over. 

    so please, the only me is AnimeGirl45, nothing else. Don't beelieve anyone else who claims to be me. 

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  • GhostClick

    I'm not a dude

    February 5, 2019 by GhostClick

    Some people on here seem to get the impression that I'm a guy. I think it's likely because of my name and icon, and because of that they'll automatically judge me as male. LOL. Whelp, sorry to tell you this, but I'm female :3

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  • Shadowskitten

    About me, I guess

    February 5, 2019 by Shadowskitten

    Where do I start, well I'm 16 years old, insomniac, pretty much spend all of my time on the internet. I love creepypastas, watching anime, professional introvert since I don't exactly leave the house, or my room for that matter. I think those are the basics covered. I do also have a Creepypasta, her name is 'Glitch' just look her up on the wiki, you'll find her somewhere. I would love to get to know more people so feel free to send me a message ~Shadowskitten

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  • GhostClick

    Creepypastas are just the internet equivalent to urban legends.

    Even though this has been said many, many, many times before. I still can't help but notice a lot of disturbed fantards on this Wiki claiming Creepypasta's to be real.

    It should be obvious to anyone by now that they are not true stories. I know that there are a lot of Creepypastas that are based on events that could potentially happen to someone in real life, or based on an already established urban legend. But too many people take them at face value and legitimately think they're real.

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  • Viruscookie

    This is good

    January 21, 2019 by Viruscookie

    This is good. I love it

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