Wolfyy3.0 Wolfyy3.0 4 days ago

Death guns backstory

Hi I am the creator of death gun and if you like my story all here is my backstory of him and remember he's just fake .Creepypastas are just fake so please don't take this so personal okay anyways let's do this..... The gun he was not always a cold blooded killer he was just like you and me normal nice and probably a nerd and he always got bullied because he lost his arm when he was little and he has a fake arm what is made out of metal. But one day when his boys took it way too far and said that he's a freak and dumb and got home he told his dad what happened his dad told him to take a gun and shoot all his enemies. When he got to school his bullies were there and they were being him up again like they always do and said it's your fault t…

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Wolfyy3.0 Wolfyy3.0 10 days ago

Something creepy happened last night

So last night I was hanging out in my room right and I heard like footsteps in my front yard and my family was watching tv nobody was outside and it was creepy and pause my show and look out the window and I didn't so no one and I close them and I just continue watching my Attack on Titan I heard scratching and I'm freaking out so I told my mom and my sister they say that it was a coyote no it was not a coyote. I'm now scared but if you guys know what this is Let me know😨😨

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AshSkullz19 AshSkullz19 13 days ago


Okay! So I just posted a little bit about the creepypasta character Ash Killians!! I will have more soon and I'll continue to update!! If there is anything you would like to know about her, let me know!

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Wolfyy3.0 Wolfyy3.0 17 days ago

Death gun

I'm going to tall you how to summon death gun go get a fake gun it can be a Nerf gun any kind of gun but has to be fake then go outside at your house at 3 a.m. And then put your fake gun to your head and say death gun death gun come and play and then if you hear footsteps close your eyes and don't move but if you hear gunshots go inside your house and pray and then sleep with no lights on and close your eyes do not open them at all then you have to stay in your room for the whole day if you complete this you'll be fine if you don't you well be dead..... ps you have to use a fake gun

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ChainZaw4080 ChainZaw4080 24 days ago

An IRL problem

This is just kind of a mini vent, but I could use some advice.

So on a server, there was a bit of a fight. My friend, (we'll call her Ayna,) got 'N' slurred. (I wasn't active at the time) Before you ask, NO, this was not from a random person online. This was from a kid at school. The members in the server go to our school as well, in case you're wondering. Anyways, Anya is in fact a person of color, as I am. This person also used a Chinese slur, as well. The worst part is that one of my best friends was also using the Chinese slur too. This is where my Dilemma is:

Should I ditch my friend for saying those awful words? Or should I give them a second chance?

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Queenraven7009 Queenraven7009 27 days ago


okay you guys , i have been doing some research and such about our mind and stuff and i was thinking what if we get lots of people to think about something or have strong belief in something and what if it can manifest here in our world some people can open secret things and have more capability to do things based on their function in their brain or mind if someone could have a strong belief in something i belive they can actually make it happen in real life in our world it may sound impossible but i have seen people do it before. so if people have third eyes which you can open by using meditation then you can use the same mind manipulation in making something manifest in this world.

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i don't know what to call this

When new people join this wiki, I want to be remembered as the person who made the page that might never update again, "Farhan is gay". Thank you.

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Queenraven7009 Queenraven7009 27 January

somethin crazy

okay you guys one night i was in my room and going to sleep and praying to the lord before i go to sleep like normal and as i was praying there was scratches on my back and scratches means something bad is there with you and so kept praying the scratches got worst and so i opened the bible and holy water and then got a crucifix and slept with one on the wall and one under my pillow so no bad spirits could get to me and then no more bad stuff happened until the next day i found out someone died in the room i slept in.......... and i still live in the house that i got scratched in and also we had more than one paranormal experiences we know the house is haunted but we know there are good spirits to

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ILoveJeffTheKiller04 ILoveJeffTheKiller04 21 January

My First Creepypasta!!!

Hi Creepypasta lovers I just posted my first ever creepypasta it is called Rose Origin so go and check it out! I hope you enjoy.

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Kaito Yogi Kaito Yogi 20 January


[[Category:Blog posts]]

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UnknownWonder18 UnknownWonder18 20 January

Being New on Creepypasta Files Wiki Fandom (Due to a new account)

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Ice2099 Ice2099 20 January


Well, the last few months have been fun but im thinking about leaving this site for good, not many of you care and/or have read any of my work but i just dont really have much time for the site. To those who care, Bye, thanks for the comments and the little friendships that were formed due to having the same opinion of things.

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Loolveus Loolveus 14 January

Update 2021

For those of you who saw my newest video you'll know that I'm making a few changes to my content here, in general it's more a case of refining and changing one or two things about my writing style. However there's going to be some bigger things too. The main thing really is though that I'm branching into dark comedy and horror as opposed to tragedy and horror although don't worry I still plan on making some elements and stories pretty sad.

You might have noticed I asked for Lust of The Sea to be deleted, the reason why is because it was shit, it was super edgy, corny and I had no real desire to continue it, I'm going to revisit it in the future though and adapt it to my new go-to tone for stories. I feel like I wasn't ready to cover such a h…

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Proxyqueen05 Proxyqueen05 13 January

jeff the killer

I love Jeff the Killer but I don't what story to believe. I like the one where his brother lives through the stabbings that his brother caused and what about how supposedly Jeffery Woods and Jane Arkensaw dated and that her parents told her to stay away from Jeff because of him killing one of his bullies.

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Anonymous12353436534 Anonymous12353436534 8 January


Hello Everyone!I'm new,so check out the pages that i'm gonna name bloody painter,BEN Drowned,sally Squidwards suicide last but not least have you seen this man I recomend have you seen this man because I'm doing a naming Compatition!See you later!

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Lazy1person2 Lazy1person2 8 January

crazy lavasi

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Creepypa$t Creepypa$t 7 January


Hello everyone! Welcome to my page. On this page, I will write some information about my life. I may start talking about some Creepypastas' as well. I may also come up with a creepypasta and you guys can draw pictures to go along with it! Of course this is just for fun and for the fun of Creepypastas'!! I really hope you guys enjoy my page and enjoy the content I make!

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Ice2099 Ice2099 5 January

Spamming the recent wiki activity wall

I dont know about any of you guys but I think its freaking annoying when you Edit and save after a couple things just so your thing is the only one on the recent wiki activity wall, let others be up there to so that everyone can see them not just yours, you are not the only one who makes stuff and no one will see the stuff made when you spam the save button so yours is the only one up there.

If anyone agrees comment bellow.

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SpookBoi69420 SpookBoi69420 4 January

A General Warning

The Account I Can Walk is compromised disregard any and all messages, posts, or edits as the account was compromised by a past fangirl

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Jeff.exe the proxy Jeff.exe the proxy 4 January


Dunno if any of yall know, but my mom and dad are also frequent FANDOM visitors.

And they know I'm on this wiki.

So if my parents do find this, yeah hi. I'm here and I exsist. (Wait they know I exsist, who am I kidding-)


Anyway yeah. I had to make this lol

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Ice2099 Ice2099 31 December 2020

Merry Late Christmas


BTW i will begin workingon my stories more as my problems have been solved.


~ "The Blue Child" Ice

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Kirishima9909 Kirishima9909 31 December 2020

hahahaha whyyyy

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Chickenchickenyumyum Chickenchickenyumyum 18 December 2020

Offenderman is jesus

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Chickenchickenyumyum Chickenchickenyumyum 18 December 2020


First off if you like creepypasta then you like the murders and their stories, Right? So how come you draw the line at rape?

Offender is just as bad as all the others. Now think about this, would you rather be tortured until you die or get raped and live. Now don't just say death because you wanna seem crazy or cool or whatever it is you want people will perceive you as, but think realistically about the pain and suffering or something that would be like a one-night stand. And yes I know if you get the blue rose you are raped and killed but there would be no torcher. so what would you choose a horrible painful death or a not as painful death? let's be real why would you want to be tortured I mean at least with Offender you have a chance to…

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Ice2099 Ice2099 17 December 2020

Demonic Kitsune

Hey guys just wanted to say, my first CreepyPasta is Demonic Kitsune and since i am taking a break on changing things if you want you guys could try to help me, there is still alot missing and alot more work needing done so the help would be amazing thanks!

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ChainZaw4080 ChainZaw4080 17 December 2020


Hey, I was just wondering, does anyone want to chat on Guilded with me? If you don't know what it is, its kinda like a fake Discord. Go ahead and call me lame, but I kinda prefer it over Discord. If you do want to chat, just let me know in the comments, and I'll drop you a link to the server.

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Blue bonnie23 Blue bonnie23 16 December 2020

Alex the killer

"See you at the end of the light."

Alex the killer a 22 old male with a red glowing eye, wears a black hoodey, dark blue pants, with a green mask. He killed 500 people. He started a cult know as the red eye. Has about ten members. He uses a metal bat. If you want to know if you are going to die a red eye will be on your right arm.

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Ice2099 Ice2099 14 December 2020

Im taking a break...

Due to issues IRL i am going to take a break, no one probably cares as of i am not a famous creepypasta writer but to those who do, thanks for the support. I will be back soon but wish me luck and i will come back as soon as possible Peace out CreepyPasta lovers!

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Bendrownedwife Bendrownedwife 12 December 2020

why is ben drowned so adorable and cute

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ChainZaw4080 ChainZaw4080 9 December 2020

Are fangirls taking it a little too seriously

Ok, so this is a subject that kind of bothers me. There are two kinds of Creepypasta fans: Kind A (like myself)

  • Writes/reads fanfiction
  • Respects the Creepypasta fandom and the creators of the Creepypasta OC's.
  • Browses Deviantart for cool OC designs.
  • Looks up horror story prompts for a good OC origin story, or brainstorms for something original.
  • Listens/watches Jordan Persegati narrate the stories, because, c'mon honey. Jordan Persegati's art is gorgeous.
  • Makes fanart.
  • CONSTANTLY takes Mary Sue/Gary Stu creepypasta OC tests. (Mainly since they don't want their precious OC to be something like a certain cheap knock-off I can think of. CoughNinacough.)
  • All the normal and reasonable stuff people would do if the were in any other fandom, aside from the Cre…
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ChainZaw4080 ChainZaw4080 8 December 2020

Im not banana


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Bendrownedwife Bendrownedwife 8 December 2020

why do i feel like im being stalked by jeff the killer

im am scared ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what if i get stabed

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Ice2099 Ice2099 7 December 2020

Ideas for a creepypasta

So I am thinking about making a creepypasta but i just dont know what to wright it about and the topic or anything.

If anyone wants to give me ideas that would be great!

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Ice2099 Ice2099 1 December 2020

I'm weird (help)

This goes out to everyone in highschool or who recently graduated.

Have you ever had that moment where your just sitting there in class doing work and just out of the blue your just like " i wish Creepypastas where real" and everyone stares at you like your a phsyco?

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Nightmare321 Nightmare321 1 December 2020


So guys, back from the mental hospital, remember, need a drawing then tell me! Old acc: Scarshappen. Have a nice day!

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Zl0371979 Zl0371979 1 December 2020

back from the dead

Hellooooo my little killers and guess who is back from the dead. I decided to come back finally and see what's new and everything. I missed everyone so much and I am so glad I'm back. I hope everyone is staying safe from this pandemic and staying inside and washing their hands. I wish the best for all of you and I will be praying for your safety. Anyways until we speak again my killers.


Ciara the killer

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BelialsMeat BelialsMeat 1 December 2020



I got 8 days of school left and I’m willing to review creepypasta OCs or stories during that time. After that I’ll have a six week break, but if I don’t review your pasta but it will be reviewed after that time.

Please don’t yell at me if I critique a pasta in a way you don’t like. If you don’t like my opinion then you can just ignore me or something.

Just put a link in the comments.

That’s all.


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Found Soul Found Soul 28 November 2020

Creepypasta Appreciation Post

Hey everyone, I know I'm a relatively new member, and I probably don't have a too good idea on how things work here, but I'm going to try something:

This post is for people to tell people their favourite Creepypasta on the Wiki, a brief summary of their Pasta, and why they like it.

Don't hate on other people or Pastas, so nothing like: "Ew that pasta's trash". Saying your least favourite pasta falls under this category.

PLEASE nothing too unreasonable. This includes excessive fangirling. Meaning nothing like "Omg Ticci-Toby is my favourite because he's so hot".

My example is:

My favourite Creepypasta is Eyeless Jack. He is an eyeless humanoid who wears a blue mask and black hoodie, as well as dark jeans. A dark substance leaks from his eye sock…

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Shadcreamfan2004 Shadcreamfan2004 27 November 2020

Hey guys!

hey guys! I'm back! I've just been busy is all...😅

anyways, I might make more creepypastas soon! If you give me suggestions!

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Idea Informative101 Idea Informative101 25 November 2020

I am Back!

I have returned after ages of not posting. I will try get back in making Creepypasta charecters and improving this fandom. But most importantly I hope you have a nice day.

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Deweesba Deweesba 23 November 2020


Okay, so i am 17 and my name is Ben Drowned..who am i? BEN! I did indeed die at 12, or so you thought..i may be lurking around the country still..no one exept me knows.. Anyway the point of this post was..THERE WAS NONE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay enough laughing or i might summon Laughing Jack..and i don't want that..i don't think you do either.. ANYWAY that was it for this post i just wanted to explain how old i am, and my Username is fake i changed my entire computer knowing you guys would know that it was me.. any ways Bye!

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YourEverydayWeebGamer YourEverydayWeebGamer 17 November 2020


Hello! I'm new and I'm actually really interested in Creepypasta. Still trying to learn about the characters, but I'm so glad I'm here!

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Daddys0boi Daddys0boi 8 November 2020

Hi there.

Hello there friends!! My name is Micheal. Call me Mickey. Yes, you may set my ringtone to "Oh Mickey you're so fine ;)" I am currently 16. If you must know, I'm a switch. My boyfriend is a adorable bottom who is also a giant cutie, by giant I mean GIANT, he's 5'10 (Still growing) while I'm currently 5'2. Anyways. Let's talk about Canons, the one I'd like to talk about is... let's see because I'm a indecisive little shit, this might take a while.

~two centuries later~


He's my favorite so you should've expected something like this. Anyways....

Personally I have a firm belief he grew up well, never bullied and never got bullied. Had good parents. All of this is a guess that he never has had any mentioned family (while the rest…

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LunaSeaSpire LunaSeaSpire 25 October 2020

I just made a Page

So it's called A Doll's Divne

Link:A Doll's Divine

Let me know If you enjoyed it

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Darock1 Darock1 21 October 2020


I've been wondering, why do we feel love if it can hurt us so much? Love has hurt me many times. Why?

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VanillaTwilight2210 VanillaTwilight2210 20 October 2020

Why not

My spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/pj979gh5yl7o8uqok8a5jut42?si=Oa8Bfe3DRxqkgPMQlqJJHg&utm_source=copy-link

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JustAMemer JustAMemer 15 October 2020

What Will Your Halloween Costume Be

This is just like my Creepypasta birthday scenario but Halloween-themed. Enjoy!

  • 1 Month
  • 2 Day
  • 3 Zodiac
  • 4 My results...

The theme of your costume...

  • January - Preppy
  • February - Hillbilly
  • March - Zombie
  • April - Nerdy
  • May - Gory
  • June - Gothic
  • July - Hippie
  • August - Gender-bent
  • September - Vintage
  • October - Kawaii
  • November - Steampunk
  • December - Sci-Fi

  1. Slender Man
  2. Lazari
  3. Masky
  4. Nina the Killer
  5. Jeff the Killer
  6. Tails Doll
  7. Suicide Mouse
  8. Rouge
  9. BEN_Drowned
  10. Candy Pop
  11. Jason The Toymaker
  12. Hoodie
  13. Clockwork
  14. Sonic.exe
  15. The Nurse Ann
  16. Kagekao
  17. Creepypasta of your choice
  18. Pinkamena
  19. Sally
  20. The Rake
  21. Zero
  22. Dr. Smiley
  23. Splendor Man
  24. Jane the Killer
  25. Laughing Jack
  26. Lost Silver
  27. Herobrine
  28. Homicidal Liu
  29. The Puppeteer
  30. Eyeless Jack
  31. Zalgo

Halloween activities you do...

Capricorn, Virgo, Aries:

  • Decorating the house for fall…

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GayShoto125 GayShoto125 15 October 2020


I need a new drawing idea. It has to be creepypasta and I will post it as soon as I finish it

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VanillaTwilight2210 VanillaTwilight2210 13 October 2020

It's National Creepypasta Day

Happy National Creepypasta Day! Yay! (I missed it last year)

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ReaWade ReaWade 9 October 2020

HI guys

Hi, I am new here so I hope I can make some new friends and talk to some people. I love to watch anime so if you do to we will make great friends

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