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Blade is strictly a Jokepasta. Please do not take this creation literally as an official Creepypasta. It is intended for entertainment.


Blade was born to a vampire and a normal mother. The vampire, being a general jerk (like most vampires) left her mom and went off to stalk a girl named Bella, but that’s another story. Anyway, Blade’s poor mother was forced to raise this hellion of a child on her own.

Blade grew up doing normal childhood activities, like terrorizing the neighborhood, collecting knives (A.K.A. dangerous weapons that children should not handle), and biting everyone who annoyed her. Somehow, nobody called the cops on her because that would make sense and we’re talking Mary Sues here.

People tried to bully her for her ah....interesting looks, but she beat them up and everyone else was too intimidated by her to do anything about it. Even the teachers were scared of her, so no one ever tried to discipline her.

Than one day, she met a weird being in the woods that had no face. Instead of running, she tried to attack it, because she’s Blade and attacking people is what she does best. This resulted in her getting thrown into a tree which somehow didn’t break any of her bones, although it did break the tree.

A long battle followed that I’m too lazy to write down, but the pair of them ended up destroying half the town in their fight. Slenderman, because of course, that’s who the weird being with no face was, asked her if she wanted to be a proxy. And Blade said yes of course she did. That way she could attack anyone and eventually rule the world.

So, Blade said goodbye to her mother, who she did love even if she beat her up regularly, and left. Of course, she took her knife collection with her. No one has seen her since, except for her victims. And they’re usually dead so they can’t exactly tell anyone about her whereabouts. She hasn’t accomplished her goal of ruling the world yet, but it’s just a matter of time.


Blade is a tall, lithe half-vampire. She has the typical vampiric traits of black hair, pale skin, fangs, and red eyes. She is unnaturally beautiful, but scares guys off because she likes to tell them her fangs are real and generally acts like a creep. Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight. Or any time really, seeing as she hates sparkles. Blade‘s usual style involves black jeans, red sneakers, and purple crop tops. But only in those three colors. She believes this makes her look “edgy”. In reality, she just looks like a wannabe goth with fake teeth and contacts. Except hers are real since she’s part vampire. Blade also has a fondness for cutting and dying her hair in crazy styles, seeing as it grows back very quickly, with her being a vampire and all.


Take the snarkiest, wannabe edgy, annoying teenager you can and then combine their worst traits. And then add about ten times the sass. That’s Blade. Actually, more like fifty times the sass. She prides herself in being so salty it makes your tongue curl.

Powers and Abilities

Blade has enhanced senses and can run at incredible speeds. Usain Bolt has nothing on her. And she’s incredibly strong. Like she can break iron bars in half. She can also fly. Because why the heck not. Vampire bats fly so why shouldn’t vampires? Blade has the ability to inject poison when she bites and also cannot be harmed by anything. Like anything at all. She also says she can dazzle males so much that they fall into her deadly embrace. The last reported incident with a male involved him running away screaming about Dracula’s daughter. She also has Hammerspace, so she can pull giant guns out of nowhere. Oh, and she has the power to make vastly untruthful claims and then gets extremely offended when she is proven wrong.


  • She was created by ScarlettofHydraIsland.
  • Blade loves lasagna. It‘s her fatal weakness.
  • She claims to have a pentagram tattoo on her chest. It hasn’t been verified.
  • She‘s the sassiest vampire in the world. Or so she claims.
  • Slenderman honestly doesn’t know why he took this edgy teenage half-vampire as a proxy.
  • Again, Blade is strictly a joke pasta and shouldn’t be taken seriously.
  • Blade is not related to Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way in any way.
  • She has an unfortunate tendency to like to blow things up. She has no real malice toward them, she’s just bored.
  • Blade scores a 21 on the Pasta Creep Originality Test where 16+ is considered a pile of cliches and they advise to start over.