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Some topics on the site are now - as of April 2nd 2022 - forbidden for reasons provided alongside the term. If you are unsure of any of these things, please contact a member of staff so they can be discussed in further detail with potential examples.

However, if you are caught attempting to use these topics, you might be subjected to warnings or blocks depending on the severity of the offense. The creation - on the other hand - will be terminated on the day these topics are spotted by members of staff. These usually cannot be appealed for once terminated unlike "Marked for deletion" pages but similar rules apply for these elements of pages.

Please be aware to inform every member for potential updates to this list as the years go on.

Blacklisted Topics


The term used to describe a person of non-Japanese descent who is incredibly obsessed with Japanese things. Essentially, titles or topics that have clear reference to behavior like this via "???-Chan" or "???-Kun" as well as stereotypical Japanese-orientated clothing, Japanese-orientated names, etc, will warrant your creation an immediate termination. Researching existing Japanese folklore and becoming inspired from that is fine however to an extent.

Creation referred to as "Murder-Chan".


SCPs (stands for either Special Containment Procedures or Secure, Contain, Protect) are NOT Creepypastas. The SCP Foundation is a large organization specializing in containment of anomalous creatures or objects to protect mankind and to study them to create scientific breakthroughs. And any creations classified as such will be terminated when spotted by staff-members. Please find or create a more suitable wiki.

Creation referred to as "SCP-???".

Removed Creepypastas (CandleCove, Ticci-Toby, etc)

Some Creepypastas have been removed or requested for removal by the original creators for their own reasons. We - as members of the franchise - must respect this and mentioning/developing these characters directly will result in the immediate termination of the creation uploaded.

"??? The Killer" or "Slender???"

For obvious reasons, Creepypastas such as "Sabrina The Killer" or "Slender Sabrina" will not be tolerated on the site from here on out. We are sorry for any inconvenience but - 9 times out of 10 - they are stripping the original sources from their terrifying elements and copying/pasting them onto this "OC"/spinoff. This may include: origins, appearance/color-scheme, family relations, etc.

Creation referred to as "Scolinex The Killer".

Greek Mythology (Gods/Goddesses)

Despite the definition for Creepypastas being "horror-related legends or images that have been copy-and-pasted around the Internet"...relating them to Greek mythology is strictly forbidden at this stage. Reasons for this occurred when some users, both from previous years and recent years, began to create overpowered reincarnations of these Gods/Goddesses via their OCs and questionable narratives. As we cannot allow overbearing entities to exist for issues regarding their realism to an urban legend, any and all creations linking to this topic will be removed if seen by staff-members. If you adore the topic that much, please vacate elsewhere. A list of potential inspirations in terms of hybrids/mutations can be found here relating to this topic however (which are permitted).


I understand some people may be both unaware and aware of why this topic is prohibited from the site. This is mostly due to any involvement with Gacha-Life, including direct and indirect mentions. Whether it is the appearance to the actual Creepypasta as a whole, this is NOT relevant to the site. If you are in-need of a reference for the appearance, please generate one yourself with credited bases, ask a close friend/person with credit to them or use a generator for such a purpose. An example may be using Doll Divine's Spooky Doll Creator (with credit to the source).


Once or twice, I've seen Creepypastas entirely based on extreme and/or violent rituals. Please remember young teenagers also view our site and might actually do this to themselves and/or others in hopes of seeing their favorite character come to life or grant their wishes. One creation (Princess Twitch) included using a sharp object to "cut a crown into your arm and let the blood drip onto the floor"...Yes, any staff-member will be heavily strict onto you regardless of age, gender, race, etc, if you are caught instigating/encouraging self-harm and/or violence against other parties via this method. And, depending on the context, you can suffer a block for an unspecified amount of time. That being said, rituals without much graphic violence or the page only including the ritual for narrative purposes is a better alternative and an exception to this.

Creation referred to as "Princess Twitch".


Just don't. These are Creepypastas, urban legends told online. Sure, theories about a few characters/stories is absolutely fine provided they make sense and don't repeat common clichés like "The character was in a coma/in purgatory/in Hell/on medication/deceased all along because it's all an illusion!". Once again, not original nor objectively correct. The only major difference between Theorypastas and multiverse explanations is one offers insight to an existing concept whereas another introduces the author's opinion/lore anew. There's still an issue with this and it is one that can't be ignored...Creepypasta doesn't have consistent lore. Unless you want to go down the same route MatPat dug for himself with Five Nights At Freddy's that was Scott Cawthon's lore, I recommend NOT making a Creepypasta about this topic. It's confusing, it's tedious and - more importantly - you'll upset/confuse many fans of the franchise. You'll be using nearly every Creepypasta there is - OCs and all - if you're going to explain this topic and trust me, don't.

Creation referred to as "Cursed Evil".

Lost CDs, DVDs, Episodes About "Currently Running" Shows

Yes, we are restricting these too. More lesser-known cartoons in remote areas are fine. But, this came from the same decisions many authors have made to glorify snuff-film making. That and animal abuse/torture, child abuse/torture, unnecessary gore against relevant parties (e.g their families, friends, pets, etc), you understand at this point. Shows that are more popular and "main-stream" cannot have these "lost episodes", it's almost impossible. Most only just came out (e.g The Owl House) and these "episodes" would have been seen by an audience nearly every time they aired. However, previously running shows (with possible re-runs) or more foreign shows are permitted for now. That does not mean you make a different language/region to yours scary and glorify any sensitive/offensive topics using their culture by the way.

Fanfiction (Aka One Chapter Per Page)

I say this as a member of staff who has reviewed writers like this...stick to one page per creation. There can be a separate page for different layouts if necessary (e.g one for a fact-file about a character and another for a narrative explaining the depths of their origins). However, if you are/were the type of writer using this site to post your fanfiction on relating to a protagonist going on some ePiC qUeSt to discover their true meaning with the power of fRiEnDsHiP...leave the site immediately. It is the Creepypasta FILES Wiki. Please remember as members of staff we have to review pages like this and we DON'T enjoy reviewing every single one you make, some that may not have decent grammar, spelling or fluency with each chapter as it progresses. It clogs up the site, makes hassle for reviewing/managing pages and overall makes you look like an edit-farmer who forgot how to use Wattpad. We respect the dedication to providing us with more pages but not if that's the sacrifice you're making.

Other forbidden subjects for this topic may include:

  • "Canon" Shipping - (e.g OC x Jeff The Killer). Shipping to unofficial/lesser-known Creepypastas is fine provided you've gained the correct permission for including such information.
  • "Offspring" Creations - (e.g child of Slenderman, child of Zalgo). This only includes biological bonds, not marital bonds.
  • Multi-Series Creepypastas - This relates to users who may develop short/lacking pages towards any/all characters who are associated with their own creation (e.g Amy The Slasher - Main OC, Simon The Slasher - Side Character, Gary The Mutilator - Side Character, etc).

A rare term to use on the site like this but creations strictly made for producing fanart, animations/dubbing, Discord servers and other means of "free advertisement" will guarantee you a warning/block on the site. This is meant to be for entertainment, not for some selfish ego boost on your behalf. They're Creepypastas! If you are caught using the page asking for stuff that should be earned via good writing and such (or can be requested for a more appropriate reason via appearance reference) by any means, then it will be deleted. This may include Creepypastas used to sponsor someone/something, advertising Discord servers or even other Creepypastas unrelated to the character.

Creation referred to as "Melody Rose S.a.v..T..m".

Irrelevant Crossover OCs/spinoffs (e.g Unikitty, Transformers, etc)

I assumed this would be obvious but having an OC/spinoff that somehow becomes a mixture of multiple universes is a clear "No" for the site. Reasons why is because it links into the "multiverse" situation on a new level. As a result, we cannot accept these onto the wiki since they'd be given an unfair advantage against the majority due to this inbreeding technique. I understand where it is coming from in terms of lost episodes/DVDs/CDs. But, characters in general? You have to remember that these are meant to be separate from existing franchises and representing urban legends of some sort. So, a half Transformer creation wouldn't make sense if it relies on Transformers to exist in that reality (as if seeing a Transformer is a normal occurrence).

Q & A

Q: What if a member of staff misinterpreted my source?

A: Then you may request another staff-member to view the source deleted and review if the termination should remain or not. At times, even those in charge can make a mistake or two, leading to negative results. However, you must be sure that it had to have been misunderstood with proof before sending a possible restore-request.

Q: Why is Gacha-Life "forbidden"? It can be scary!

A: Unfortunately, the imagery associated with the topic clogs up the site and overall ruins the approach to others viewing our sources. Yes, I agree that if it is a last resort, then use it for an appearance. But, if not, then find another source for appearances (e.g Spooky Doll Creator by DollDivine). Users caught using Gacha-Life for imagery/animations might be contacted by a member of staff 24-48 hours before the removal of the image/video and warned/blocked if it is reuploaded after removal.

Q: Why aren't more heavy topics forbidden like murder, rape, pedophilia, etc?

A: Technically, we'd lose half if not all of the site's creations if these topics were prohibited. That being said, we don't permit the usage of these topics if they are used to glorify, normalize or even encourage these violent/defiling acts through a creation (e.g Offenderman). And, any accounts caught uploading content promoting such things will be banned when spotted/reported.

Q: What if I reupload a page that was deleted due to containing a topic mentioned here?

A: Well, the answer is obvious: it is terminated again and you'll be restricted from the site if it was intentionally made against a member of staff's reasoning. If caught again, you might face a permanent block. That being said, other wikis might permit these things and you can always reupload there whilst respecting their ruling.

P.S - Using a similar/exact title but changing the contents without the usage of forbidden topics and errors leading to "Marked for deletion" aren't classified as the same page worthy of an immediate deletion.

Q: Will more to added to the list based on a majority or a minority?

A: From my experience of 4 years on this site, most definitely a majority of creations will lead to a possible candidate for a forbidden topic. There's no strict quantity or quality to decide, it's more so a repeating but deteriorating pattern seen across the site by an audience which leads to its placement here. The minority of creations only will depend on the users responsible, the contents provided and offenses committed by these users won't affect the majority half of the time.