Everybody says that you can be anything. And I guess you chose to be a rotting corpse!
~ Black Rabbit’s catchphrase

Alexander Chargeman or Black Rabbit was once a 12 year old juvenile delinquent who eventually became the victim of a shooting in his home on October 31st, 2017. Follow his journey through being a juvenile delinquent, a lonely little boy, and snapping.

Alex wears a horrific black rabbit costume. The costume sports dark and souless eyes, pants, a shirt, and what looks like paws. His weapon of choice is anything sharp or dangerous.


Alexander is usually calm, cool, and collected. He is brave and determinant, and he is both fearless and fearful. He is also shown to be very protagonistic and intelligent. He is also kind of insane and morbid, as shown during the I Eat Pasta for Breakfast comic.


One day at school, a group of people started to annoy Alexander, and they even bullied him. Well one day, the bullying was taken a step further, and the group tried to murder him. However, Alexander retaliated and stabbed them all in their heads. He then kept their bodies in his closet.

Well, Alexander was left traumatized, and he was still getting bullied. And so one day, he decided to commit suicide by getting hit by a car. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He was then sent to hell to make a deal with Zalgo, and Zalgo turned him into a phantom serial killer. But instead of killing people, Alexander decided that killing other creepypastas would be a better thing to do under the name of Black Rabbit.


  • Alex is 12 years old, and he was reborn to forever stay that way.
  • Alex has unique abilities that most people don’t really have.
  • Alex is friends with Bloody Painter.
  • Alex‘s theorized sister is Lulu.


Theme song: Porcelain Black - Pretty Little Psycho

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