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I'm not the author of this story! The name of the real author is unknown. 

If you decide to read this, then know that no one knows how this something came to be. Is it a player? Or is it some kind of mystical mob that exists in the Minecraft universe? There are people who have seen it, but their stories about it are different. Someone said it was a player, someone claimed it was a mob. We don't have a clear picture of him, and he may not be the only one...

First Encounter 

A couple of days ago, a friend and I were walking around the world looking for an abandoned mine. We wanted to find a couple of records, especially the "13" record.

Suddenly I noticed a small hole in the ground, it turned out to be a descent into the cave. We started to go down, we met monsters along the way, but we had pretty good equipment, so zombies, spiders, or skeletons were not a threat to us. Going down to the level of about 15, in the distance I saw a long tunnel and a small light that came from its depth. This is what we spent a lot of time for. In total, we were in the mine for 20 minutes, unfortunately we could not find any records. Disappointed, we went to find a way out of this place. When I turned the corner, in the distance of the tunnel I saw a sign, initially I thought that it seems to me, but it was not there... going To the sign, I read on it the inscription: "Hello! My name is Billy! Let's be friends?". I thought it was funny, because I was sure that Eren (my friend) had left this sign. He just joked with me when I asked him this, he did not answer... as it turned out, I lost the Internet on my computer, but I was still on the server, although I was not the host. Back in the game, I ran to look for a way out, good I found it. I checked the list of players, but there was no one else on the server except me... I felt uneasy. When I went upstairs, I was horrified ... in the Distance, on a small hill, there was a strange figure, it had a completely white skin, except for a terribly smiling face... This strange creature wrote in the chat:

"Billy" - hi, my name is Billy!

"Billy" - Let's be friends?

Most of the times, he stalks you from long distances and hides in corners of the screen. However, you could have a bad day. This "bad day" would mean that Billy has decided to have enough and say "W E W I L L B E F R I E N D S" over and over again and kills you. He will crash your game and you will be unlikely to never see him again. His true intent is unknown but all he does is strikes you whenever he is bored.

Second Encounter


One player just created a new world to live in, but at one point, he decides to go down to the cave. In the cave, he finds an abandoned mine, and in it, he finds a sign... [1]

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Date of First Sighting

August 2019


PC Edition: Release 1.12.2 and beyond


Puts up signs with strange inscriptions.