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You know how they say the most beautiful things are the most fragile? If that's true I must be the most dazzling thing in existence.
~ Beatrix Skinner

Beatrix Orla Skinner, also known rarely as The Gazelle is a physically weak and incredibly sickly but dangerous and unpredictable individual. With extensive knowledge in science, cinema and cryptids, an IQ far off the charts, several ludicrously modified canes to act as weapons and a knack for forcing people to do her bidding she has proven herself to be a great threat to the world in spite of lacking physical prowess.

She was created by Cherry Dorito.


Age- 21 (as of 2020)

D.O.B- 27/02/99- 27th February 1999

D.O.D- N/A

Nationality- Scottish

Diseases/Conditions/Disabilities/Illnesses- Bipolar Disorder, Agoraphobia


Identity- Cisgender Female- She/Her

Affiliations/Associates- The Murphy gang (disbanded), Donald Grayson, Charlene Silvers

Story appearances: 7


An earlier Beatrix design

Beatrix's earliest design

Beatrix is a woman in her twenties and is 5ft 9 inches tall, with a slim, lanky and frail figure. She is reasonably easy on the eyes albeit with a very gaunt face and skin so pale that it practically glows in the dark.

Beatrix speaks with a slightly dragging and almost nasally voice. Her hands are either covered with red spandex gloves or out in the open revealing bony figures and long red & black nails, she wears a rather prominent amount of makeup, and styles it in an over the top way to make herself look like a French doll, she reddens her cheeks and nose with blush and uses two different shades of blue for her lipstick and eyeshadow.

She has thick jet black hair which is naturally wavy and she prefers having it going down to her chest, she also tends to cut her hair in styles vaguely reminiscent of bobs when it grows out to the point of annoying her. If she allows her hair to fully grow out it usually frizzes out completely and is made up of a curly mass towards the bottom.

Her fashion sense is very extravagant and combines both vintage and contemporary pieces. Her most frequent outfit being that of a bright red double breasted trench coat with a frilled blouse, blue mini suspender skirt, maroon tights, brown thigh length suede boots as well as variety of different ascots or bowties. Mostly the only elements about these clothes which change would be subtle colour differences.

Beatrix also wore large round, black, thin-rimmed glasses for most of her life although occasionally ditches them.

She also has several different canes in varying styles and shades of red which usually have some kind of bizarre gadget or feature built in.


Beatrix is a very paranoid and damaged person as well as someone who's oversensitive and very insecure. She disguises this well however with an assertive and confident personality as well as a huge amount of arrogance.

Beatrix also has a brilliant mind and is very good with technology and holds a lot of knowledge about several things such as media, cryptozoology, psychology, business, etc. She was also quite passionate about fashion in spite of having a rather unconventional and bizarre taste in it. Her greatest passions consist of the study of film and TV, cryptozoology, the mystical nature of the world/folklore from varying cultures and horror stories, which she has a fondness for doing narrations of.

She is fairly mercurial, sometimes having episodes of inspiration, energy, creativity, liveliness and a positive spirit while other times she would be exhausted, moody, unmotivated and depressed. She was also an extremely reckless spender who was never satisfied with what she bought, although due to her family's wealth and her own steady income this isn't much of a problem.


Extreme intellect: Beatrix has an immensely high IQ and is regarded as one of the greatest criminal minds of her generation.

Deduction: Beatrix is immensely good at guessing and discovering secrets and information that normally would be viewed as impossible knowledge such as the identities of several vigilantes other than Donald Grayson as well as their weaknesses.

Charisma: Beatrix has a very likeable and friendly demeanour and is genuinely capable of love as evident from her feelings for Donald Grayson. She also managed to convince Artemis Murphy into becoming her ally merely by playing into his emotions and triggering all of the right buttons.

Chemistry: Beatrix has an excellent knack for concocting chemical compounds and making powerful and sometimes dangerous substances and often experiments with the concept.


Severe Physical Harm: She is extremely vulnerable to any kind of harm and is significantly weaker than most people around her in a physical sense.

Emotional Instability: In spite of her charisma Beatrix has poor control over her emotions and tends to make decisions out of impulse which often results in compromised judgement.


Beatrix Skinner was born on February 27th 2000 in Glasgow to wealthy parents residing in Bearsden. She was not well liked from a young age after it became very apparent how clumsy and physically delicate she was, in spite of that however she was her parents' favourite child still due to her exceptional cognitive abilities and impressive knowledge. Unfortunately however after Beatrix's younger brother Winston was born all hell broke loose within the family. In spite of being four years younger than Beatrix from a very young age Winston would often find ways to attack and injure his sister, causing more and more stress for the whole family. The worst attack faced by her brother occurred when Beatrix was fifteen and the now eleven-year-old Winston drove his remote control car directly into his sister's feet sending her spiralling down the narrow twisted staircase and breaking several bones in her legs consequently. This act caused permanent damage to her legs and she required a cane to walk for the rest of her life.

Aside from her parents the only family member who really cared for Beatrix and who she genuinely actually liked in return was her Uncle Gerald who despite visiting only rarely did give her the best gift she'd ever receive for her twelfth birthday, a skinny black Bombay kitten named Terry of whom she cared for immensely, feeling an immediate bond with the formerly abandoned creature. Beatrix also had a fairly pleasant school life and was highly respected for her charm, intellect, and willingness to tutor her classmates, this was particularly great in her later high school years where she excelled in many subjects such as English, Art, Sciences, and Music. In her later teenage years, she also developed a fascination with cinema.

In 2017 Beatrix graduated from High School and chose to take a course in media, during this time she also became an amateur film critic. After passing this course Beatrix decided to take a break and took a gap year. During this time Beatrix began losing several friends, many of them getting tired of her growingly irksome behaviour and personality, this took a large toll on her self esteem which was worsened when even her own best friend decided she was done with her. Although not visible this did make Beatrix far more bitter and angry than she was before.

One evening in the Autumn of 2019 Winston who was becoming worryingly sadistic and deranged decided to break Terry's tail when Beatrix wasn't looking, after discovering this Beatrix completely lost it and launched an all out fury driven attack against her brother. Beatrix whacked Winston's face with her cane multiple times before throwing hot ash into his eyes, virtually disfiguring him by both crushing his nose and burning his eyes and the areas surrounding them. Beatrix's father entered the scene, furious upon realizing what his son did he decided he had enough of him and prepared to send him off to a correctional facility, in response however he attacked his father, and winded up killing him, traumatising Beatrix.

Winston was arrested after this and declared criminally insane, being sentenced to life but to serve the majority of it in a psychiatric centre due to his unstable nature. Thankfully Terry's tail ended up being repaired, however Beatrix and her mother were now left with only each other's company and their relationship was worse than ever, although she never admitted it Julia blamed Beatrix for her husband's death and was visibly scared of her own daughter. Quickly Beatrix's mental health declined even further, growing more and more distant from her near catatonic mother, and feeling as though she pushed away everyone who ever felt close to her

After weeks of constant tip-toeing, anguish and fear pointed in her direction Beatrix had finally been tipped over the edge and lost all patience with her mother, deciding to kill her and frame it as a freak accident. She covered her house from top to bottom in gasoline and alcohol, and locked her mother inside her own bedroom. She ensured to pack up some the majority of her possessions before hand, and finally set her home ablaze as she left it behind. She came up with the excuse that she wasn't home since she had temporarily moved into a hotel room as she and her mother had a fight which prompted her to leave home and find somewhere else to go.

The fire was indeed declared a freak accident, and Beatrix went to move in with her uncle Gerald, in his city centre penthouse. Although he wasn't usually at home, due to having multiple business trips and practices abroad, the two got along fairly nicely and Beatrix settled into her new home quite comfortably.

Eventually Beatrix decided to open up her own film and TV store although doesn't get an obscene amount of customers thanks to her incredibly pretentious, picky and even violent disputes about film taste with those who come to buy from her. She also frequents the online world, usually to provide narrations or to review films or TV shows.

An early Beatrix Design: by Candykittenxx


Intelligence: 10

Strength: 1

Endurance: 1

Agility: 2

Charisma: 10

Leadership: 7


Beatrix's constant companion Terry

Julia Skinner- Mother/Abuser/Victim

Henry Skinner- Father

Winston Skinner- Brother/Abuser/Puppet

Gerald Skinner- Uncle/Replacement Father Figure

Terry- Pet & Comforter

Donald Grayson- Former Archenemy/Boyfriend/Ally/Sympathiser

Kimberly Grayson- Acquaintance/Situational ally

Dr. Annabelle Hatcher/The Dollmaker- Therapist/Abuser/Enemy

Vincent Denholm- Former Enemy/Acquaintance

Charlene Silvers-Friend/Sympathiser

Artemis Murphy- Ally/Ex-Boyfriend/Puppet/Former Protector/Best Friend

Murphy's gang- Allies and protectors

Frank McCumnuck- Ally

Chris Gatiss- Ally

The Champ- Pet/Guard/Weapon

Victor Sevello- Enemy


  • Beatrix Skinner started off as an exclusively horror character before being adapted for other purposes by Cherry Dorito.
  • Beatrix Skinner's infobox image was created by using the mobile app Live Portrait Maker:Girls.
  • Beatrix Skinner's portrait was drawn by Candykittenxx a friend of Cherry Dorito.
  • Beatrix's favourite colour is red, she also has a fondness for yellow and blue.
  • Beatrix's design went through many phases and likely will continue to do so periodically due to the creator frequently changing her mind about how she should look.
  • Beatrix is fascinated by the concept of the supernatural and as such often looks at news reports on a variety of supernatural beings. She is even a subscriber to many cryptic magazines.
  • Beatrix originally suffered from Osteogenesis Imperfecta however this was later changed by her creator as she felt that it could come off as insensitive or in poor taste.
  • Originally Beatrix's legs would have been broken at the end of The Leopard & The Gazelle this idea was abandoned in late 2020 however.
  • The alias of The gazelle stems from the innocent and fragile nature of her appearance despite being more powerful than one might think.

Theme Songs

Pity Party- Melanie Martinez
Paranoid- Black Sabbath