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Let Me Love You...
~ Bachelor


Real Name: Brandon Peters

Alias: Bachelor

Meaning to Name: He murders his victims he seduces in his playhouse leaving him "alone"  

Nickname(s): Brand, Pete, Bach, Dancer, Erotica, My Bach, and Brandie (Volatile)  

Age: 27

D.O.B: July 20 1993

Birthplace: Wales, Britain 

Language: English, Spanish, French, Russian, and German 

Current Residence: Manchester, Britain  

Species/Race: Human

Status: Dead

D.O.D: August 27th 2023

Cause of Death: Blood Loss (via. stabbed)


Occupation: Erotic Dancer 


Weapon(s): Thread made of thin steel

Method of Killing:  

  • Trapping his victims in his playroom wraps them with his steel string and cuts their skin with it 
  • When “playing” with them, he slices their throat with his steel string 
  • Rips their throat/tongue out when they are making out  
  • Manipulates them to overdose on drugs
  • Ties them down to burn them alive

Goal/Reason to Kill: Lustful sadist intentions 


[C] Phrase: “Let Me Love You...

Theme Song: Mary On A Cross


  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Fashion
  • Ice Skating
  • Writing
  • Fencing
  • Doll Collection

Special Items:  

  • His chokers  
  • His steel wires  


  • Dancing with Felix  
  • Performing dramatic scenes  
  • Doing mini fashion shows  
  • Ice skating with Felix  
  • Writing in his diary  
  • Fencing against his opponents  
  • Collecting porcelain dolls  


  • Not having time to dance with his partner  
  • People not paying attention to him  
  • Felix having no time to be with him  
  • His fashion not trending  
  • His diary missing  
  • His opponents winning  
  • Porcelain dolls getting misplaced or cracked  


  • His aunt 
  • His uncle 
  • Not able to see gore and blood on his victims  
  • Not able to commit sexual intercourse 


  • Lustful   
  • Manipulative  
  • Clinging  
  • Greedy   
  • Obsessive  
  • Touchy  
  • Self-absorbed
  • Petty
  • Quick-tempered  


Backstory: Bachelor as known as Brandon Peters came from a wealthy family. His father was known as a successful pianist, and his mother was a world-renowned ballet dancer. Since he was the only child of Brian and Janelle, he had learned to be selfish, and snobby towards others around him. With the wealth of his family, he had lived a luxurious lifestyle since he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. At a young age, he was placed in private schools and excelled in all of his classes. He was known to be the popular and handsome student in every academy he was a part of. Brandon had a way to charm other people around him and used it to his advantage.

He loved the attention he received, and he loved each moment he knew he manipulated a person. It was why he received good grades from teachers since he used his body and mind to manipulate others. By high school, he was known to be a womanizer, and very sexually active.

When he was having sex with a girl, he accidentally got her pregnant. Word broke out in his high school, to which he laughed at since he enjoyed the attention, whether it was good or bad. His parents did not like his actions, therefore sent him to go live with his aunt and uncle across the country to fix his past actions. Brandon grew angry at this because his parents were now punishing him for some girl he accidentally got impregnated, and now he was going to live with his aunt and uncle until he changed his actions.

He knew he wasn’t going to live normally, since he knew his aunt and uncle, Angelina and Eric were not rich and he deemed them as peasants. Peasants that tainted his family name. However, Brandon was forced to follow the plan or else his parents would send him to a military school. Begrudgingly, he followed with the plan and was sent off to live with his peasant relatives.

The moment he went to their house, he knew there was something fishy with his aunt and uncle. They would act so strange and would eye him up and down at times. He grew uncomfortable with this, but decided to ignore it. Each day, he was forced to go to school, and focus on his studies. He would report to his parents what he did, and he had to be honest even though it was hard too for him.

Everyday, he would tell the truth but his parents wouldn’t believe it since he had been known for lying all the time, and they had lost trust in him due to his past behaviors. Brandon grew angry at this, and began to rebel at school since his parents didn’t trust him. He began to go back to his old ways, and had sex with anyone he wanted. In his house, he would always bring in a girl, a boy, or anyone who was willing to have sex with him.

However, this time he was more careful since he didn’t want to be another father at a young age, either way he did leave the girl behind. But at times, he would feel awkward when he would have sex with them in his house, since he could feel that his aunt and uncle were either watching or listening to him having intercourse. He chose to ignore this, and it went on for weeks until the end of the school year. After school ended, he noticed the behavior of his own relatives began to worsen.

Brandon Peters

His aunt and uncle would come in this room unannounced, and would ask him personal questions, mainly about his sexual activities, which made him very uncomfortable. He would try his best to ignore them, but there was times in where his aunt and uncle would just smile at him for no reason. It happened throughout the summer to winter time. Then one day, it was a cold winter day with snow falling down. Brandon went to get a drink, and when he entered the house it was now dinner time. During dinner time, he was drinking his beverage which tasted strange, when he looked up to his aunt, she mouthed the word, “Good night."

He blacked out, only to wake up tied into his bed with his aunt and uncle standing around his bed, naked. Brandon tried to scream but his uncle Eric taped his mouth shut, and began to touch his face. Brandon tried to bite his finger, but it was useless. Eric slapped Brandon harshly, and told Angelina his aunt to touch him around. His body was paralyzed, as he could no longer move, his body was theirs to play. He tried to close his eyes and pretend it was all a dream, but it was useless. He was able to feel them touching around exploring, and felt blood streaming down his inner thighs.

His heart sank as he saw his aunt climb on top of him and leaned over to Brandon. “I’ve waited for this moment,” she whispered in his ear, “Your whorish behavior will end, and take it as a warning for your slut of a mother.” She allowed herself to enter inside him, and began to pleasure herself. Brandon screamed in pain and in horror. In his mind, he was regretting everything he had done, his heart was beating in fear, his mind going black, and his eyes rolling back. He tried his best to remove himself from the tied rope, but his uncle would slap his arm while pulling his hair, and forced himself on Brandon’s mouth.

Brandon began to cry, as he had regretted each life decision he made up until that point. He was being punished for his wrongful duties as a son, a student, and a human being. When they were finished, they untied him, and left him alone in his room, but not before locking him in his room. Brandon cleaned himself as best as he could, and began to cry. He silenced his tears and screams, but he knew his aunt and uncle could hear. No one would be able to believe him, because after all he was known for being hyper-sexual.

When his parents heard the news by Brandon, they did not believe him, due to his lies and deception, but he begged for their forgiveness and to come back. Begging for mercy, and to be released from his aunt and uncle’s guardianship. His parents ignored his pleas, and with that Brandon was stuck. He was stuck in this abuse for months, until he had enough.

Anger and shame filled in his mind as he cried for mercy. Brandon did not want his life to be like this anymore. In an act of revenge, he grabbed steel wire from his uncle’s shed, and snapped out of reality. Shame and violence echoed in his mind.

He saw his uncle sleeping and decided to choke him with the steel wire. The steel wire had a huge gash on his uncle’s  neck, and he stared at his uncle as he bled to death. Walking down the hallway, he saw his aunt, Angelina. Angelina was screaming at him for murdering his uncle, but he didn’t care. In the heat of the moment, he pinned her to the wall and began to bite her neck. He bit her neck and collarbone until her skin was red.

They met eye to eye, as he smiled. With one last bite, he tore the chunk off of her neck and she collapsed to the floor. Tears streamed down her face, as blood dripped from his mouth. He walked out of the house, and took a deep breath. Walking down the streets with blood, people called the police, but he was able to hide away from the police.


He went underground in which he found a club, “EXO”. Knowing he was a wanted person, he had changed his persona. Dyeing his hair from brown to platinum blonde, and began to wear seductive clothing. He applied as a erotic dancer, and began to dance for the crowd. The club was filled with alcohol, drugs, and people begging for pleasurement. Brandon became a popular erotic dancer in the club, and had pick the name, "Bachelor" as he believed he would never marry and never wanted to marry.

He had let himself go, by doing drugs and alcohol to ease the emotional pain of the abuse he endure for so long. It was like this for two years, until he met a girl. The two of them went back to his secret place, and began to make out. Both of them were high and drunk with cocaine in their veins. Then something in his heart tugged. Suddenly, he felt the same emotions he felt on that unfaithful day. His vision turned blurry, and he had blacked out.

The moment he blinked back into reality, he looked down to see his hands tainted with blood and the girl’s neck torn away. He yelped and took a deep breath. There was no way he did that to an innocent girl. His mind was warping into a swirl, as he noticed he got turned on. His face turned red, and his body began to shake in pleasure. A smirk was seen faintly on his lips.

However, he began shaking his head, so he left the scene. Sadly he couldn’t handle himself anymore. Every time he had an urge to torture people, he did so and it normally ended in murder. He still continue working in the club, "EXO" knowing that was the hot spot for him to relieve himself of his own sick twisted fantasies. Brandon made sure to always cover up his tracks, and tried his best to control his urges at times. Of course, it was never successful.

His own sanity and innocence taken away from his own blood. To relief of the pain, he began to snap into this fantasy of blood, and sex. His sadistic behavior, formed by his own blood.


Orientation: Pansexual


  • Felix Gore known as Volatile is the owner of EXO, and for being a criminal boss. They began to date after Brandon performed one night with Felix being the observer. Brandon and Felix are in an open relationship, and Felix is aware of his tragic past, including what he does behind closed doors. It was to the point, Felix partook in a murdering of a woman named Annabella Williams. Together, they are partners in crime, and love each other deeply. Brandon and Felix plan to get married in the near-future.     
  • May Belle (former partner) was his partner of one year, they met in his workplace, and fell in love when they were both in their early 20's. When they were together, she had bright blonde hair that was always slightly curled, her eyes were a bright blue, and known for wearing seductive clothing for everyday wear. However, she was unable to keep up with him in terms of sexual pleasure, which lead to their break-up. Afterwards, because she knew how dangerous he was. She dyed her hair black, changed her clothing style, and moved far away from Brandon. May Belle also changed her name, just in case, Brandon wanted her as his victim again.   
  • Christine Barnes was a high school girl who Brandon impregnated. She had long brown hair, hazel eyes, with a feminine figure. He was 17 while she was 15 when she got pregnant. Christine never got an abortion meaning she gave birth to a child named, "Edward" Since Brandon abandoned her, she's been struggling to raise Edward all alone. Ultimately, she committed suicide when she was 18 and Edward was merely 3.   


  • Brian his father   
  • Janelle his mother   
  • Angelina his aunt   
  • Eric his uncle   
  • Felix Gore his husband
  • Edward his son   



  • His family
  • Policemen
  • Operator
  • Eliza Leon


Hair: Platinum blond

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Blue  

Height: 6’0

Weight: 195

Body Type: Tone 

Outfit: Mesh long-sleeve shirt, black waist corset, black spandex leggings, and black Demonia boots  

Accessories: Black/White/Pink feather boa, black leather gloves, and white leather chokers  

Distinguishing Features: Small mole on right side of chin and purple eyeshadow



  • PTSD - Mental health disorder in which the person experiences episodes of stress due to traumatic events
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder - HPD is a personality disorder in which the person has unstable emotions along with a distorted self-esteem, the person tends to behave dramatically to get attention
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder - NPD is a personality disorder that has the person have an inflated sense of self-importance  
  • Borderline Personality Disorder - BPD is a mental illness in which impacts the way the person sees themselves and others with unstable moods and behavior
  • Hypersexuality Disorder - A disorder where the person has an obsession with sexual thoughts, urges, and/or behavior that causes sex addictions which affects their day to day lives
  • Sexual Masochism & Sadism Disorder - SM&MD is a disorder that last for 6 months (recurrently) where the person has intensive sexual arousing fantasies, urges and/or behavior involving the act of being humiliated, beaten, or bound towards themselves and others


  • Mental Manipulation  
  • Strangulation 
  • Sex Specialist  
  • Sexual Inducement 
  • Indomitable Sexuality  
  • Lust Manipulation 
  • Wire Proficiency  
  • Ability to manipulate people  
  • Induce sexual arousal with anyone  
  • Have a strong sexuality with others  
  • Have skills in using wires  


  • He can only manipulate lust if they are under the influence of alcohol 
  • His manipulation can only work with people who have low willpower  
  • His wires can be broken if the victim is strong enough  
  • Not all can be affected by his manipulation  
  • Due to his excessive sexuality, it can take a toll on him  
  • Due to his abilities it has affected his personality  
  • Asexual people can not be impacted on his sexual inducement  
  • At times he attracts the wrong people  
  • At times his sexual arousal can affect his day to day life due to wanting to have sexual actions with everyone  
  • Since he has the lack of combat defense he can be beaten at times  
  • Wants to have sexual intercourse with anyone 


• Intelligence: 10

• Strength: 7

• Speed: 7

• Agility: 8

• Endurance: 7

• Stamina: 8

• Balance: 8

• Tolerance: 10 

Notable Quotes

  • “Oh come on aunt Angelina, don’t scream…” - After he had attacked his uncle he went to go attack his aunt, which lead her to scream
  • “You can call me, the Bachelor of EXO!” - He introduced himself as the Bachelor, when he audition for a spot in the club
  • “Oh hello there, Felix…You look awfully adorable!” - When Felix watched him dance, Bachelor came up to him attempting to flirt


  • Brandon means From the beacon hill
  • Peters means Stone
  • He works in an underground club called “EXO”
  • He was 19 (In 2012) when he had murdered Angelina and Eric
  • He's married to Volatile
  • He is mentioned along with The Watcher in the Creepypasta, "He's Watching Me"  
  • He is known for moving around the world performing in different areas like Kyoto, Japan/Los Angeles, California/Icheon, South Korea/Las Vegas, Nevada however he mainly performs in Manchester, Britain  
  • He normally kills his clients to ease some tension, but he also targets random people on the streets 
  • He was murdered by his bastard son Edward after he found where Bachelor lived
  • His persona Bachelor was formed due to his abuse  
  • His persona was influenced by Marilyn Monroe  
  • His trope is called, Homme Fatal a male version of Femme Fatal  
  • His signature dance song is, "Sand Storm" by Apashe
  • His beauty mark is actually fake  
  • Due to his mental illness he constantly wants to have sex which can affect him later on  
  • Due to his mental illness there are dangerous risks he will take in order to have sex  
  • Canonically he has a son named, "Edward"  
  • Modeled after the song, "Death of a Bachelor", and physical appearance of Aaron Taylor-Johnson