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That damned thing was standing in the middle of the field, fixated on my dog. He had a toothy, shit-eating grin on his face and the little teeth he had in his mouth looked as if they were about to rot out. He was completely hairless and grey all over, with eyes ch--ked out more than Kim Jong Il.
~ Anthony Rose's description of BOB.

Brutal Obscene/Obscure Beast, or simply "BOB" is the antagonist of Another Perspective On BOB and several other Creepypasta stories.


The story about the creature emerged when an image of a naked, pale human like creature running down a dirt road in the night, along with a persons' encounter with BOB, was posted on the /x/ board on 4Chan and then later added by somebody else on the Creepypasta Wiki (under the title "Another Perspective On BOB" due to the other BOB story being more well known). The person who published the image and info about his encounter was often called Anthony Rose by friends, though whether that was his real name still remains unknown. After Anthony Rose's post, started writing their own stories about BOB. One of these stories, simply titled "BOB", has eclipsed the original in terms of popularity and general knowledge of its existence.


BOB is depicted as disfigured humanoid creature. His skin is hairless and a pale grey tone, he has no arms — only short, stubby limbs. He's also described to have black beady eyes, sharp teeth, and male genitalia.


BOB is very mysterious, as there is not a lot of information about him to make a clear understanding about his personality or motives. However, in all accounts of his appearances, it can be distinguished is that BOB appears to only operate on primal instincts alone, as he acts in a very animalistic and aggressive nature. Other evidence also suggests that he seems to some sort of vendetta towards humans who have physically seen him.

Powers and Abilities

According to the story now known as "Another Perspective on BOB", BOB has powerful and strong legs, able to crush bones, and he has long sharp toenails that can tear through flesh, along with the ability to urinate a sulphur smelling pea-green substance that can make his victims ill.

Other Stories

At the beginning of the Creepypasta "BOB", BOB breaks into the house of a kid named Andrew, who it has apparently been stalking for some time, by smashing through the patio doors. Hearing it walking over the broken glass, Andrew grabs a titanium baseball bat and heads downstairs to attack BOB, but is too scared to move as it gets closer. Eventually, he hits it in the chest with the bat, but it kicks him down and stamps on his leg, breaking his shin. Unable to escape, Andrew is forced to watch as BOB presses its clawed foot down onto his stomach, slowly ripping through his flesh and killing him. BOB then leans over and bites off Andrew's face, before tearing and eviscerating his corpse. After devouring his remains, BOB departs through the broken patio door, with "a pure and deep hatred in its heart".


  • BOB shares similar appearance as well as abilities to The Rake and Slender Man. Because like the Slender Man and Rake, BOB has the ability to make his victim fear him, regardless of whether they would naturally be afraid of him. The striking resemblance between these three creatures points towards there being some sort of connection between them, although this could merely be a coincidence. The only major difference that would separate BOB from the Rake and Slender Man is that BOB appears to have very little to no intelligence, unlike the Rake and Slender Man who are both sentient and highly intelligent beings.
  • BOB usually eats his victims right after killing them, though he may also eat them while they're still alive.
  • Even though BOB is incredibly strong, he doesn't seem to be immortal or un-killable. This might suggest that he could in fact may/may not have any weaknesses, and/or be killed.
  • Because of the loss and lack of feedback, it is unknown as to what happened to Anthony.