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Ashley's phrase.

"Let's Play?"

"My life is like a book, sooner or later I will have my happy ending!"

"Justice will be Done by Madson and All Children!"

Ashley Slasher was a girl unfortunately tormented by her father and older brother who physically and sexually hurt her by being bullied at school, among several disturbing events in her life, she became a protagonist of her Creepypasta.


In Vancouver, Canada, there was a small town that no longer exists called Lake Ville. Where Ashley, a young girl with blonde hair, lived with her parents and older brother Henry.

Life in Lakeville was good, Ashley's father worked in a slaughterhouse, and her mother worked as a seamstress and made lots of beautiful clothes and sold them. Ashley always liked to learn, she was a very curious girl with big dreams.

But her family was not the family of dreams, Harold, (her dad) was always drunk and came home late and often beat his wife and Henry but it didn't hurt Ashley.

After some events in Harold's work, he and the other employees were fired because the slaughterhouse had gone bankrupt. And that's where the family problems started to get worse. Because of the fact that Ashley's dad was no longer working, family problems got worse, the bills got higher and higher, and Cindy's (her mom) work was not enough to pay the bills.

The city was in crisis with many unemployed, her father is of Gerrman origin, they moved just to be able to have a better life. (but it ended up not working out very well.)

So once again, they had to move. But this time, Ashley and her family went to live with her paternal Grandfather, (Alexander) in Vancouver for a while until they could sort out the problems and find a new home.

Ashley loved her grandfather, Alex was a professional hunter. Harold, (his son) didn't like it much and neither did Henry (his grandson), but Ashley was always interested in hunting.

Alex took Ashley to the Forest and together they hunted several animals, besides teaching Ashley from an early age all about guns and hunting, he gave Ashley a gun, but promised it would only be hers when she turned 18.

Everything was so much better when they were living on the farm, Harold got a job at a factory and Cindy got another job as a waitress.

The family was living well, even Ashley who was learning several things, including hunting and how to control weapons, how to shoot animals, and important points of how not to be seen by them.

But a subject that interested the young girl even more was music. Ashley loved to play the violin, her mother gave it to her, and she liked to play it when she was sad, it made her happy.

Over time what seemed to go well went down again when Alex had an accident and was paraplegic in an accident, Cindy quit her job to help him since he was alone and Harold never cared about him

Ashley also helped as she could, she had a big heart, every night she went to her grandfather's room and listened to the wonderful stories he had lived when he was a soldier and went to war, Alex was everything to Ashley.

He was like a father to her, only the worst unfortunately happened, one night Alex had a cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he couldn't resist death.

Leaving only a farewell letter to Ashley that could only be opened when she turned 18, her farm was sold on Harold's orders and the family raised enough money to move to another house in Vancouver, beore long the family moved to a large townhouse in a quiet neighborhood, at first it was going well but Harold had an accident that left him unable to work causing only Cindy left to support the family.

Cindy was working for a while until Harold recovered and went to work as a truck driver, and as usual he went back to drinking but it got worse. When the other truck drivers started making up his mind saying he was being

betrayed and that his wife was leaving him for another, which left him insane and out of control, the times on the road made him violent and aggressive, while at home Cindy struggled to take care of the children's house and get a

extra income helping in a nursing home, Henry and Ashley were placed in different schools and Henry It got worse when he started not coming home and hanging out with tough people who kept getting into trouble.

Ashley on the one hand was happy to see her mother well and not being beaten anymore and whenever possible the little girl helped her mother and walked with her, for Ashley it was the perfect life without her aggressive father and her rebellious brother

just them, living a peaceful life together, but not every dream comes true otherwise Ashley's life turned into a nightmare when her father returned from traveling Aggressive and abusive, Henry walked away from the family and didn't like his father

by the fact that Harold arrived drunk and aggressive cursing everyone and always attacking Cindy and Henry tried to defend his mother and always ended up getting beaten up sometimes Ashley who was 8 years old used to stay in her room with her stuffed bunny

crying beside her bed on the floor listening to her parents' quarrel and Henry's cries of despair and her mother's pleas for help, when Ashley wanted to help her mother forbade her because she was afraid Harold would hurt her too

After an ugly fight with Harold and Cindy Ashley went to her mother who was sitting in the kitchen, hurt full of bruises and bruises, her tears were falling and her arms were shaking, Ashley approached her and sat

in front of her she placed her small hand on top of her mother's and with tears running down her boxers said asked if she was alright Cindy still scared raised her trembling arms and hugged her daughter with all her strength

Harold had left after the fight and Henry was at a friend's house, he hated being in his own house, that night Cindy with swollen purple eyes told Ashley that everything would change ran a hand over her purple neck and removed the necklace

that she wore looked at her daughter and put it around her neck telling Ashley no matter what would happen, the necklace she gave him would always protect him from harm, and no matter what happened to her she would always be there.

Ashley's side, after that the two hugged and stayed all night together in the kitchen making Cindy singing beautiful melodies to Ashley and dreaming of better days with the end of all that nightmare and a better life for both.

a year later the tragedy that took away all sanity happened, in one night Henry had gone out with friends and Ashley and Cindy were alone at home, Harold arrived drunk and aggressive but that day he was much more aggressive than the

normal Cindy was cooking and he came in questioning her and started another fight or what would be their last fight. Ashley had just finished showering and was changing in her room when she heard screams and objects breaking, quickly she went down the stairs and went to the room where she saw her father attacking her mother with several punches and kicks, Ashley screamed and ran towards Cindy but Harold threw her in a glass room hurting Ashley in the arm while the girl

was down Harold addressed his wife who was down and crawling, begging him not to hurt Ashley, Cindy managed to get up and hit Harold but he went after her Cindy yelled for Ashley to run but Ashley got up and went after them

going up the stairs she saw Harold with a Knife in his hand, Cindy crawled through the walls wounded and bleeding half dizzy and weak, crying and sobbing she screamed weakly for Ashley to run and for him to stop, but Harold was faster and pulled her by the hair

to the bathroom where she tried to drown Cindy Ashley She was paralyzed screaming for him to stop, but he didn't stop he threw his wife on the floor and stabbed her several times including in her face and stomach, Ashley desperately ran down the stairs

and leaving the house she started screaming for help, little by little the neighbors started to leave their house, and an old lady came out and helped Ashley, after a few hours the police were called and arrived at the scene, while the lady tried

calm Ashley and explain to the police what happened, other police removed Cindy's body, already lifeless, and Harold was taken to the police station. Ashley stayed at her neighbor's house until the authorities decided what would be done, but they discovered that

she didn't have many relatives and the few had no way to keep in touch and didn't live close by, so Harold was Tried and convicted of Cindy's death and Ashley was placed in foster care, how much Henry fled and no one knows

where he went, The days seemed endless, Ashley had to take several medications and go through a psychologist after the trauma, but after all Ashley was not the same anymore, she stopped being that cheerful girl who loved to talk and play

and she became a depressed and sad girl who liked solitude and preferred to be in a corner with no one, didn't like to talk and spoke very little, for the first few months at the orphanage Ashley refused to eat and was isolated in a corner.

but one day she started to get better after meeting Madson a special little girl who was rejected by many for being blind in one eye, at first Ashley approached Madson and she started to take care of little Madosn it was love at first sight

pretty dejected by everything that had happened, but little by little Madson managed to change her life in a few days Ashley started to eat better and even to talk again, she was changing she was getting less sad she was turning into another

person, Madson really was an angel to her, during the years Ashley spent at the Orphanage she and Madson stayed together playing, having fun and doing everything together, they loved to joke that Ashley was Madson's Mother

Ashley was older but Madson considered her a mother, The poor little girl had been dumped in a dumpster when she was just a baby, she was rescued by the nuns from the orphanage and raised by them, Madson wasn't much of a talker

but it changed with Ashley's friendship the two lived together, and were inseparable, every night Madson would go to Ashley's room and the two would stay together, Madson loved to hear Ashley sing to her, Ashley sang the song that Cindy sang

to her, it felt so good to see little Mason's eyes light up with happiness, the two of them slept and prayed together, and Ashley promised Madson that one day they would live together for real, and this wasn't just going to be a dream, like this. that she

turned 18 she would get Madson out of there and the two would live a new life together away from there, Madosn was always excited when they talked about the dreams and plans they had to live together, everything was so beautiful and perfect

for a moment Ashley could live again, but as in her life not everything was good forever, when Ashley was 14 years old she received the news that her father was on the loose and that he would take her out of the orphanage and take her with him

Ashley hated to think about going home, but she couldn't help it, the worst part was knowing that she was going to have to say goodbye to the Madson she loved so much, and during her last days Ashley had to summon up the courage to tell the little girl the truth.

and two days before he left he told Madosn he was leaving, Madson had tears in her eyes and started to cry and grabbed Ashley around the waist begging her not to leave and not leave her, but after a lot of sadness

Madson ended up accepting even though he was sad, the last night they were going to spend together Madson asked Ashley if they would still live together and if she would come back to get her, and Ashley said he would never leave her, and the rest of the night

they stayed together. Unfortunately it was time to say goodbye and Ashley with a sinking heart knelt in front of Madosn and gave him a a tight hug on her, then removed the necklace from her neck and placed it around Madson's neck and said

to her that that necklace just as it protected her when her mother gave it to her would protect Madosn forever, the little girl hugged Ashley tightly and handed her a drawing of the two together and told Ashley she would look forward to

see her again and couldn't wait for the two to fulfill their dream of moving in together and starting a new life, the two cried and hugged each other tight in that farewell, and as Ashley walked towards the exit she waved a

last time for Madson who cried and waved her back that was heartbreaking.

Back at home Ashley found her older brother Henry who was looking terrible and looked like another man, more haggard and darker. After returning her nightmares came back and Ashley got worse because her father was

a lot more aggressive and drank a lot more, Henry lived Locked in his room and they started going to school again, which was horrible for Ashley as a Layer Britany girl, her boyfriend and idiot friends kept harassing her.

poor girl is bullying Ashley just because Ashley was Antsocial and depressed and had no friends, well one day she met a guy named Jared who ended up becoming her only and best friend, and was always by her side helping her

until her life completely fell apart when her brother Henry started to look at her in another way, at first he just said nonsense to her but then it crossed the line when he started to run his hand over her and the

saying super upsetting and disgusting things to her, saying that she had a beautiful body and that he really wanted to touch her, it turned her stomach and made her hate and disgust Henry, and she started spending a lot more time in the house

from her best friend Jared, Since her house was a terror, Harold was always drunk and called her every name possible and offended her by several names, one day returning home she saw things that left her shocked like her brother who used

drugs without her and their father knowing, and when she arrived at her house she saw her father burning all her mother's things, it made her upset and hurt but she couldn't do anything but the last memory she had gained from her mother was

a big black blouse that unfortunately had a broken zipper but she didn't care and kept it, on Halloween Ashley went out with a green led mask and went out for a little while, she was already unwilling to have fun said goodbye

of Jared and returned to the house that seemed to be without anyone, Harold was not there so she went upstairs and changed clothes, but something unexpected happened Henry was there and entered Ashley's room and grabbed her Ashley tried to run but he was

stronger and that night he sexually abused her, the feeling she had was of hate, pain, despair, disgust, amazement there were so many things that were going through and to get worse after several months her father started to attack her and Henry went all over

night hurt her physically and mentally, that was a nightmare, that's when Ashley cut her wrists every time she went to take a shower, because the pain she felt made her feel good, she started to change again this time her sanity.

it was getting worse and Ashley made several suicide attempts but all without success, she wanted to give up everything but she couldn't, that was a punishment, with her bruises and bruises she decided to use wider soups that covered

her body so no one can see her scars and her purple and haggard body, but Britany It made her life hell, one day she and her friends filmed Ashley taking a shower and put it on the school screen, and on a rainy day her

boyfriend Mark were coming home with other boys when they saw Ashley alone near the Forest and went after Ashley who ran away but ended up being caught and raped by the 5 boys, at that moment she no longer

was more in herself, she started to run away from home and stay in the woods at night trying to get away from everything and everyone because it seemed like an unending nightmare, and Ashley thought of doing her worst the next day she was going to throw herself off the bridge to end

with everything until she found something that made her stop and smile after a long time the orphanage where she stayed and she remembered that she would turn 18 soon so she went there to visit Madosn, only she found out that Madson had been adopted

that ended with her, she only thought about Madson and his plans, and on several days she cried in the shower wanting to end her suffering because she believed she has no more reason to live, with the constant abuse she suffered for

her brother her brother the bullying she got from her father, the bullying and humiliation she got at school and the thought that she had lost her mother and could never see Madosn's beautiful smile again was killing her she couldn't

more sleep and just thought about horrible things like, killing and dying, and how she was going to fix it all, she had a plan to be free, and intended to execute it on her 18th birthday that was coming.

and everything was going as planned on her birthday she got her driver's license and started to put together her plan to get rid of everyone who hurt her, but something that wasn't in Ashley's plans happened

coming home one day she saw Madson and recognized her she was 8 years old and happy to recognize and see Ashley again, the two hugged each other tight and tears fell that moment was unique, the two spent hours

having fun and talking and Madson still said he wanted to move in with Ashley, and she said she had a plan and soon the two could be free together, Madson said that that night she was going to a park with her new parents and called

Ashley excited to go with her, seeing that angelic and delicate face Ashley couldn't say no and they wanted to meet at the place.

The night the next day Ashley went to find Madson in a park near a forest, arriving there she found Madson and her parents, after talking they let Ashley and Madson stay together for a while, the two then

they went to several attractions and had fun together until the moment they went to the circus in the park where they had several cool performances including one by Magica, after finishing the show Ashley was going to take Madson out for something to eat but at the time of departure

in the middle of the crowd that was leaving the circus Ashley got lost from Madson, and got desperate started to ask for her and call her, but while searching she found Madson's teddy bear near a tree towards the forest

when she picked up the teddy she began to hear Madson's screams, Ashley ran into the forest but the closer she got, the more the screams became weak and muffled until everything was silent. Ashley started calling Madson and

she started to walk slowly until she saw traces of blood, before she could approach a tree she saw the Magico who was in the circus leave with his hands full of blood, Ashley froze and walked slowly to the tree where he had no reaction

upon seeing Madson dead, her body all purple, she had been stabbed, beaten, and strangled to death, but she was holding Ashley's necklace in her hand. Ashley with eyes full of tears and with shock bent down and picked up

Madson's body in her lap and wept with tears, she got up with Madson in her arms and ran for help.

That made Ashley angry, and as the days went by, the attacks got worse as the abuses, so in a night while Harold and Henry slept at dawn Ashley got up and went to carry out her plan, she would put an end to her suffering

and would do justice with their own hands, went to the kitchen took a large barbecue knife and went up to his father's room, when he got there he saw as always his father passed out full of bottles and cans of alcoholic beverages she tied him to the bed

and then started to gouge out his eyes with the knife he woke up scared but his mouth was covered and he couldn't speak or move, it was a bloodbath Ashley took out Harold's eyes opened his wrists leaving the bones

and opened his belly removing one organ at a time until he died, tore out the heart and put it in a jar with ice, then decapitated his head, put it in a bag and cut his body into several pieces and put them in a suitcase.

then he went to his brother's room, who was listening to music and sleeping, took a cloth with chloroform and put it in his mouth but it's not known what she did to it because the police didn't find his body and they don't even know what happened.

then Ashley went to the little room that was in the backyard and took several tools including the Beast that her grandfather had left for her, took a shotgun and a gun, went to the car and put everything there, including some chemicals

she went to the bathroom and got a pair of scissors and black hair dye, then cut and dyed her hair black, went to her room in the closet and changed her clothes, took the black blouse she had gotten from her mother and put it on, she it was big and went to their

thighs, put a black lova with an outside finger in one hand, and in the other a transparent one that went up to her elbow, she took a transparent black sock and her black all star sneakers, put a belt around her waist and took her green led mask and left.

then he threw gasoline all over the house and set fire to it, went to the car and disappeared, went to an abandoned slaughterhouse where he crushed the remains of her father, including she became Cannibal and with a vengeance, Britany and her boyfriend

they were found dead in the forest hanging from a meat hook by the mouth, their bellies were open their organs were smeared on the floor with a lot of blood and their hearts were not found, they were both stabbed.

but Britany had an arrow in her head indicating that maybe she was hunted, a tent was found at the site and something that indicated that the two were camping, the car was destroyed and on the body of the two was written

the phrase "Game Over", the strange thing is that several people in camps or in the forests were being found dead with arrows and their bodies eaten, but not by animals, after a month Harold's head was found.

floating in a lake by a fisherman was in a state of decomposition but, they declared that the eyes were actually put out before death, Ashley was reported missing, as was her brother Henry, but something else called out.

attention several pedophiles and people who harmed children were found dead, and many children were missing, there were cases where the children were taken and the parents were killed, and in their homes they were found only

a sentence written in blood "Game Over!", after all that happened Ashley stayed in an abandoned slaughterhouse but she doesn't live there she just takes her victims to the slaughter, and usually hunts her victims with her crossbow, especially at night

and in forests, camps and abandoned places, Ashley does not kill children but defends them, she hunts people who get in her way or people who harm her or children and also hunts to feed on human flesh.

They were never able to find Ashley or Henry, but what is certain is that Slender found her and told her the real culprit in Madson's death another creepypasta named Nick the Magic, Slender recruited her and made her become a creepypasta

and currently Ashley continues on her quest for revenge against Nick the Magic, and protecting children, but also making many victims, it's no wonder she earned the nickname of butcher for killing her victims like animals in the slaughterhouse.

Her whereabouts are unknown, but she is always walking at night through streets, forests and in camps.

It is not known what Ashley did to the others but they know that all those who harmed her are still missing today and some were found dead in horrible situations!.

she took a black blouse that goes to her thighs and that goes to her navel, she puts a belt around her waist a black sheer sock that goes to the top of her thighs put on her black all star sneakers, and takes her Halloween mask green led

sometimes she walks through places like forests or camps with a knife in her thigh and a crossbow in her hand and a bag of arrows on her back

Not knowing that hides behind her seductive green eyes pain, suffering and An uncontrollable desire to slake her thirst for revenge!.


She is White, has light green eyes, and has black hair, sometimes wears her neon green LED mask, sometimes wears a black blouse, black soldier's boots,

She sometimes wears a black sweatshirt up to her thighs, wears a black see-through sock that goes up to her thighs and a black all-star sneaker,

another she wears a black blouse and an outfit that covers her entire body.

see-through black sock, and a black high-heeled shoe.

a hood hiding her hair just leaving her mask exposed.


Ashley is nice and confident with herself but don't be fooled with her her pretty face and her seductive chat, she is nice to children and shows a lot of love and

sympathy for them, she loves playing with children especially Sally and the other creepypastas, she has a strong feeling of revenge and doesn't like it when she's left out

she is very dangerous and manipulative, she can always find a way to dodge the danger, she can get stressed quickly,

she doesn't show feelings, but is able to empathize with those she likes or who like her.

She is a cold-blooded assassin and doesn't care who she kills.


  • She loves children and doesn't kill or hurt them, but she can kill anyone who hurts children.
  • She waits for her victims to sleep and kidnaps them.
  • She is always staring at her victims and if they move she attacks.
  • She eats human flesh (because of her demon side, if she doesn't eat her demon side she has her forever).
  • It's cannibal.
  • It was created by Jessicaloverslovet (Ana Carolina Ramos Marcelino).
  • Her creepypasta her was created in 2014.
  • She wears a green neon led mask.
  • She wears a large elbow-length glove in one hand to hide her multiplied arm.
  • She cuts herself to take away the pain
  • She is Slenderman's Ally and always helps him when needed.
  • She usually drinks wine when she gets depressed.
  • Her Favorite victims are: pedophiles, Recruiters, rapists, bad people, and people who get in her way.
  • Ashley is of Russian origin but became Canadian by her mother
  • Ashley speaks English, Spanish, German, Russian and German
  • Her original language is Russian (But her spoken language is English)
  • Usually keep the hearts of its victims as trophies.
  • She attends an abandoned slaughterhouse where she kills her victims.
  • When she turns into her demon side, hers looks mute, her nails turn into claws and her eyes turn white, and her mouth and eyes come out a lot of blood.
  • She considers her victims as animals and keeps them locked up, she doesn't slaughter them, fattening them up for slaughter.
  • She prefers to be a lone wolf and doesn't really like the company of other creepypastas.
  • She has her Allies like - Duke Bunny, Hunter the Silent killer, The Hell Horse
  • She has her own proxies (which are children she rescues).
  • She has an open relationship with Alisson Wax Angel (She considers Alisson her girlfriend, they are both very close)
  • She is Bisexual and is attracted to both men and women.
  • Her birthday is 4/10 she is from Aries.
  • Her weapons are: A Beast (Main Weapon) Molotvis, a rifle, a knife and a meat hook.
  • She carries her mother's necklace and a photo of Madson in her pocket
  • She Drives a Car (Black Jaguar)
  • She always writes "Game over" after killing her victims
  • When invoked Ashley writes in the mirror (Shall we play? with blood) if the person accepts she has 5 days to survive Ashey's games, being
  • Chased and stalked by Ashley and if the person wants to give up the game or try to run away, Ashley will show up at her victim's house while she sleeps
  • And will kill her, writing on the walls "Game Over" this also goes for the victims she chases.
  • She is bipolar and can change moods quickly.
  • Can camouflage on top of trees and in different places.
  • She can break into houses and kill her victims while she sleeps.
  • Practice Parkur (Can jump long distances)
  • can run super fast.
  • She is super Skilled with weapons and almost always hits her targets.
  • Hates crowds
  • Used to attack in camps, forests and houses at night.
  • She is not a good swimmer and avoids lakes and water.
  • Usually kills everyone who gets in his way
  • It has shadow proxies that can be deadly.
  • She lives in a secluded mansion in the forest.
  • She often appears and asks her famous phrase "Let's Play?"
  • She has a Mortal Game where she manipulates her victims, usually if the person accepts she takes them to a place where several mortal tests will take place.
  • Her victims who don't die get paranoid and even kill other people or commit suicide.
  • She is super friend of sally.
  • She leaves her message "Let's Play?" in the mirror of your victims
  • She uses other weapons besides the crossbow, such as knives, firearms and a meat hook.
  • She loves Hunting both people and animals, and considers it a personal sport.
  • Even though Ashley has a Canadian personality, she was raised by a Brazilian.
  • She has great gratitude and friendship with Slenderman.
  • She is a stalker and tends to watch and chase her victims before attacking them.
  • Her voice Changes when transforming into half demon
  • The only person Ashley really loved and who loved her very much was her mother Cindy who always did everything for her daughter giving her life to save Ashley's,
  • They were inseparable and very tight after Cindy Ashley's death lost her sanity and became an assassin thirsty for revenge.
  • Your best friend is Jared Fost (not a creepypasta)
  • Her best friend is Nina The Killer, Jane The Killer (She is very fond of both), and Jason The Toymaker (but she doesn't trust him very much)
  • Her friends are - Nina the Killer, Suicide Sadie, Clockwork, Jane The Killer, Sally, Sad Alice, Zero. And Jason The Toymaker, Ben Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Adam Hannibal, Homicidal Liu.
  • Her enemies are - Nick The Magic, Laughing Jill, The Puppeteer, Grace Vengeful
  • She is untouchable! for being half demon no one can get close to her by her strength and brutality.
  • it's not clear how she got her half demon
  • Theme song - 30 seconds to Mars - Night Of The Hunter.