Penelope Hunter or Anger Issues was a demon born inside the mind of a human girl. Follow them through their story of manipulation, a suicide attempt, and taking control.

Penn's clothing consists of a tied up white button down shirt, a black leather jacket, and black jeans. Penn was also shot in the left eye as a teenager, so she can only see out of her right. Their weapon of choice is a gun.


Penn, to everyone, was always aggressive and quite rude. They never cared about anyone else’s feelings, and often would manipulate others in order to create chaos in the community. But once Penelope realised her wrongs, knowing she could never kill the demon inside her head, she became depressed and even tried to commit suicide.

The demon inside her head is a completely different story. Their personality through and through is unsymathetic, chaotic, and very sadistic as every demon should be.


Anger Issues was a mind demon born into the subconscious of a human girl. The vessel which the demon was born into was named Penelope, and the baby herself was already born into a sinful place. The mother of Penelope had cheated on her husband, causing him to leave, leaving them both in a beaten up trailer with almost no money. The mother never spent time with her child, so when Penelope was growing up, the demon inside her head took advantage of the opportunity and convinced the girl that they were her subconscious. Telling Penelope that they would help her in life, the human girl willing gave into the demon and would do anything they told her to.

By age 14, Penelope had already established herself as a troublemaker, and even sold drugs on the outskirts of her runned down town. Her tarnished name attracted many other delinquents, and she eventually started her own gang and drug dealing business by age 16. But as their name grew over the years, so did the competition. Their rivals soon were taking full force by killing the memeber’s of Penelope’s gang and even shot her in the eye. As Penelope finally realised what she was doing was wrong, she fell into a depressed state and left her remaining gang members behind.

The demon was outraged Penelope wasn’t being sinful anymore, and would cause her to have headaches until she blacked out. Knowing she could never kill the voice in her head which told her all these demonic things, Penelope tried to kill her self, but failed. So in order to escape going into some mental hospital, she ran away and lived on the streets. In an alleyway was where she was finally faced with her rival gang’s leader.

In a life or death situation, the demon told the girl to kill the man who was about to kill her. Penelope refused to murder, and being as if the demon gave up on her, it used all it's power to take over her mind, and switch their places. Now the demon controlled the body, and Penelope was just a voice inside their head. So with this control, the demon killed the gang leader, and now does what it always wanted to do; create as much terror and fear in the world as they can and tarnish the hope anybody has for the human race. All while the soul of the vessel they took over watches, powerless to stop it.


  • Anger Issues isn't their true alias, but since mind demons don’t have names, they use the alias along with their vessel‘s name because it was the name used refer to them by humans 
  • The vessel they are currently in is 28 years old with an unknown location  
  • Mind demons cannot be exorcised, since they were born into their vessels joined to a human soul  
  • Mind demons were created by Satan and planted into human minds in order to make humans turn on themselves, they do not have a physical form and their voice can only be heard through a vessel  

Theme song

Theme song: The Devil Within -Digital Daggers