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Alyss has been an orphan since she was born. Kids in her orphanage bully and taunt her because she was "The quiet kid". When Alyss attempts to stand up for herself, she ends up enraging the leader of the bullies and they take it too far by burning the orphanage down and trapping Alyss in the building. When Alyss gets burned alive, she came back as an angry spirit to kill her former bullies before trapping their souls in her dolls, making them her slave for all eternity.

When her orphanage burned down no one could find Alyss' body and claimed her as part of the deceased.

Alyss woke up in a trash dump as an angry spirit. She was seen by a female worker and unconsciously killed her, trapped her soul and made her a slave. Alyss's and the female worker's bodies were found in the trash dump a few minutes later and officially marked them both as dead


Not much is known about Alyss's family. The story tells us that her father was a Marine and drowned while aboard. Her mother died while giving birth to her.


Alyss usually keeps to herself and does her own thing hoping not to bother others. She is however kind, helpful, considerate, and free spirited. After becoming a spirit she's still kind and helpful but she become more short tempered and salty and shows an attitude.


When Alyss was still alive she had long straight dirty blonde hair with light blue eyes. A dark red dress and a small black jacket with black small heel sandals and a black choker. After her death parts of Alyss's skin and right eye were missing so she replaced the missing skin with the skin of her stuffed animals. Her right eye was gone so she took a magenta colored glass eye which belonged to one of her dolls and inserted it into her empty socket. She has bruises all over her body. Her clothes are ripped, burned and bloody. Her hair remains the same.


  • Alyss's contains the souls/spirits of the people she's killed inside her toys
  • You know you're going to die in a week by her hand if you see a porcelain doll that looks just like you at your front door. During those 7 days she will mess with you and play games with your mind until you're finally dead by the seventh day.
  • She's 10 years old
  • She can stitch.
  • She has severe pyrophobia (fear of fire)
  • Her right eye is fake. In the fire she lost it and replaced it with a doll's eye
  • Alyss Christer is an OC made by HarukaMai670

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