Alec Harrison, mor commonly known as Telepath, was a citizen turned Assassin after Zalgo wiped out his neighborhood, except for him, who was experimented by Zalgo, giving him Psychic Powers. He escaped since then, and is now a Proxy with his brother, Dark Assassin


Generally, Alec has fair skin, with black hair, scars on his eyebrows, and Purple Eyes, due to the Telekinetic Abilities.

Alec Wears a Black and Purple Jedi Suit, something he made himself, since he is a fan of Star Wars, with a purple vest, and black mask.


Alec had a low self-esteem and low self confidence, which was due to being abused by his Uncle Marc. He was scared that people would beat him up, and he had no friends. But after encountering Zalgo, Alec was experimented on, giving him telekinetic power. Alec learned to toughen up and escaped Zalgo's territory.

Since meeting his brother and becoming Telepath, Alec showed more self confidence and a high self esteem than before. He also has a lighter side of him, as he enjoys Star Wars and continuing high school. He also knows how to use his telekinetic powers properly.


Alec was born a year after his brother Dan and his sister Georgia, and at first Dan didn't want another sibling, but he accepted the fact that Alec will be his brother.

One day, Zalgo came to Harrison farms, and offered the family riches and fame if they serve him, but they refused. Zalgo then destroyed the farm, killed Dan's parents, and Alec ran, until his uncle found him. But that was the biggest mistake Alec ever made, because when he stepped into his uncle's house, Marc dropped the act and began abusing Alec, verbally and physically, and if Alec didn't do work for him, he would be beaten up.

Years passed, and Alec was a complete shut-in. The abuse got worse, and now Marc would burn, drown, or cut Alec for no apparent reason. Alec would inflict self harm on himself, using a sharp glass shard. One day, Zalgo returned, and Marc revealed himself to worship Zalgo, but Zalgo didn't spare Marc, and decimated the entire neighborhood.

Was was unknown was that Alec was brought to the underworld, where Zalgo, with the help of Ghost Assassin, experimented on him. Alec had to live months inside of the underworld, where Alec learned to survive and toughen up. He eventually escaped the underworld, but not before gaining telekinesis in the process.

Alec then decided that Zalgo should be dead, so he used what money he had to buy a sewing kit, and made himself a black and purple jedi-like suit (He is a fan of Star Wars, even though he was abused). Alec then heard reports of someone with spiky hair, calling himself Dark Assassin. Alec found Dark Assassin, only to fight him, because the latter thought the former was working for Zalgo. After Alec explained to Dark Assassin that he is against Zalgo, they found out that they were brothers. Dan decided that Alec and him should create a faction that specializes in trying to destroy Zalgo. And this is how Alec became Telepath.


  • He is 19 years old, while Dark Assassin, his brother, is 20.
  • Alec sometimes uses his telekinetic power to build useful creations.