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Guys, I am literally bored... I am exhausted from practice, and I need to do something... So, here's my 5th (possibly cringey) Creepypasta OC


~ Aki's Quote before killing her Victims

Aki Natsukawa (夏川 秋 Natsukawa Aki) is an insane, blank-minded teen who kills whoever she sees that is alone. She says the word "Damare" 3 times, gradually getting louder, after approaching the victim and before killing them.

Damare ( 黙れ) means "Shut Up" in Japanese

Personal Information

Full Name: Aki Natsukawa (夏川 秋 Natsukawa Aki)

Gender: Female

Alias: Natsukawa Aki, Natsukawa-San,

Nickname: Aki-Chan

Age: 18

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 121 lb

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Kagawa Prefecture, Japan

Language(s): Japanese, English


Weapon: Large Scissors

Method of Killing: Around Midnight, Aki will track down a victim who is alone, and corner him/her. The victim will ask "Who are you", "Are you okay?", or "Can i Help you". Aki will answer with "Damare...Damare...DAMARE!!" as she's slowly approaching the victim and before stabbing the victim's heart or brain.

Reason for Killing: Because of her insanity, she mindlessly kill anyone she can find who is alone.


After Aki's father died in the restaurant he worked at and her mother died because a blunt object accidentally fell on her, her aunt took care of her.

Aki's aunt, Kanemaru Natsukawa, who is her father's twin, cared about appearances, personalities, and manners too much. Kanemaru's friends calls Aki 'Aki-Chan', but Kanemaru suggested to call her 'Aki-San' or 'Natsukawa-San' because she keeps saying "Aki is a woman now".

Whenever Aki wore an oversized shirt, Kanemaru would say "That shirt is too ugly." Whenever Aki was sitting with her legs a little bit open, Kanemaru would say "Sit properly, like a lady!" Whenever Aki wasn't smiling in public, she would slap her without anyone noticing and say, "Smile, you idiot!" Whenever Aki wasn't wearing anything girly, she would say "Wear something more feminine!" And whenever Aki was being herself, Kanemaru would always say "Be more like me!"

Criticism is normal in life. Others tell you what they think about you so you can improve. Well, It was different for Aki. Kanemaru criticized Aki her whole life, which drove Aki insane. She couldn't take it anymore. She wants to break the chains of Kanemaru's criticism.

One time, when Kanemaru was talking about Aki's long and messy hair, Aki went to the kitchen blank-minded and grabbed the scissors. "Hey! What do you think you're doing, young lady?!"

"Damare...Damare...DAMARE! (Shut up...Shut up...SHUT UP!")" Said Aki before stabbing Kanemaru's head. Aki didn't regret her decision. She just walked out of the house and proceeded to walk along the dark alleys of the neighborhood.


Aki is a skinny girl with long, messy, raven hair. The front of her hair covers her left eye. Aki's dark brown eyes are always wide and Blank. She has a mole under her right eye. She wears a black oversized hoodie that fades to red with the tag "Autumn". She wears black leggings and dark blue sneakers.

Creepy appearances/ Distinguishing features: Eyes


Strength: 7

Speed: 7

Agility: 6

Durability: 6


  • Her name Aki (あき) means Autumn (秋), Natsu (夏) means Summer (夏), and Kawa (川) means River (河) in Japanese, so her name translates to Autumn Summer-River
  • Although being blank-minded, Aki knows that she loves spring. So she takes a break from her killing spree until spring ends. Ironically, her name means Autumn.
  • This is Shal-Chan's 5th Creepypasta Character, the other 4 being NATALIA, YUME, Avarelle, and Reina
  • This is Shal-Chan's entry for the Creepypasta Contest hosted by Messenger of Heaven

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