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Aia Ametsuchi is a Japanese girl who was created by a demon and sent out to kill humans. As soon as a little kindness was shown to her, though, she changed her ways. But be careful. When she gets angry, she will remember her task and become extremely murderous and psychotic.


Aia has long, straight jet black hair and pale skin. Her eyes are bright red with a hint of innocence to them. She has red and black devil horns, a tail, red and black bat wings, and miniature angel wings which come out from behind her ears.

Normally, Aia wears a black pinafore dress with black ribbon around the waist and white ruffles around the bottom, as well as a red puff shirt underneath. She also has a black long-sleeved t-shirt under that shirt, white tights, and black bow bar Doc Martens. Although her outfit normally changes, she always wears a black ribbon collar with a white heart charm dangling from it.


Neutral Emotions: Aia is a kind and caring person, who is very tranquil and friendly. She doesn't like to see people fight or argue, mainly because it scares her. Although she seems approachable, she is very anti-social and shows many signs of Asperger's Syndrome.

Hostile Emotions: Aia will become vicious and rude until she calms down. Normally she warns people but if they make her rage that much, she will instantly pounce at the enemy with her pet simply watching.


On June 11th, 1913, Aia was created and sent away with no understanding of the world. All she knew was her task: to kill as many people in her way.

But as soon as she reached her first village, they showed kindness towards her, and she decided to disobey her creator's orders. After a few years of a tranquil life, a few teenagers came and attacked a blacksmith’s defenseless family.

Filling up with rage, Aia got involved and tore the teens apart in front of a whole village of people. After they were surely dead, her nose filled with sweet smells coming from the corpses. One by one, she began to feed, cutting the bodies open until she found their hearts.

With a crowd of people with terrified looks on their faces watching her in disgust and horror, she ate the hearts of every teenager in the gang. She was immediately kicked out of the village and was told if she came back they would harm her,

On her way around the world to look for a new home, she stumbled upon an eerie mansion in a strange woodland area. Knocking on the door, a faceless man (Slenderman) opened up, and, looking at her bloodstained clothes, he let her inside. Welcomed into the family, she became a Creepypasta.


  • She isn't very social and doesn't talk to many people. 
  • Apart from eating hearts, Aia eats mainly sweet or sickly desserts. 
  • She has a pet named 'Seer'. Seer was created by the same demon that created Aia. 
  • She is very kind and calm, making her look innocent, but when she gets upset or angry, she becomes extremely hostile and psychotic.
  • She has wings, but they are too small to carry her high up, so she mainly floats.

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