This is what you get~
~ Abigail's Catchphrase

Abigail is a possessed doll.


Abigail was a normal doll until the day her original owner threw her away. The night after she was thrown away, at 3AM the ghost of a serial killer possessed her.But, Abigail refused to do what the serial killer's ghost said, and that brought Abigail back to "life" as a whole. She immediately sought out revenge on her original owner, but she did not have a weapon. So she grabbed a kitchen knife off the ground. She ran off with it and stabbed her owner while repetitively saying her catchphrase, "This is what you get~". Legend says that anyone who owns her for more than a day will meet the same fate as her original owner.


  • She was originally a normal doll who had feelings like a normal human being.
  • Since she is a doll, She cannot die unless, you rip off her head and take out all her stuffing.
  • Her weapon is a kitchen knife.
  • Her theme is Dollhouse.
  • Her creator is TemInfinite.