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I'll make you this Hell again and again just like you did to me~
~ 909's catchphrase.


909 is a young woman of 6'0ft/1.79 cm with long, white hair and red eyes. She has a pale skin palette due to her cutaneous albinism. Her face is also sprinkled with freckles with most of her body consisting of scars left by demonic influences. This resulted in her hiding most of the wounds with bandages. Only the bandages on her arms are visible.

She usually wears a a black leather jacket along with a white sleeved collar shirt underneath, and a pair of navy blue jeans and brown boots. When active in combat or missions, 909 wears a white bunny mask. Other accessories include a black ring on her middle finger and a tie.


909 is known to be calm, cold-blooded, chaotic, and insidious.



  • Açelya (Mother, Presumed Alive)
  • Joseph (Father, Alive)
  • Lucilia Deniz (Little Sister, Missing)
  • William (Cousin/Undead); (@Mistyslee)

Close Friends:

  • Red Pain
  • Ellis (@Gamerowo)
  • İlvi (@LittleSheWolf13)



  • The Chae Wolf


(Work in Progress)


  • This Creepypasta was created by Mrbunnymask.
  • Her birthday is the 15th of June 1997; she's currently 24 years old.
  • She is half Turkish, half Spanish.
  • She is biromantic.
  • She has a difficult time adjusting with her eyes.
  • She is allergic to roses.
  • She's good at gambling.
  • She's the owner of Albion Mitsumine Company; she's quite accompanied with her occupations.

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Theme Songs: Exorcism (Vocaloid) by Creep-p // All Good Girls Go to Hell by Billie Eilish