You might want to run, but you're not getting away.
~ Lilith

Whitney Govain was a normal seven year old, until one day, the day she died.


Whitney used to have clean golden, well kept hair in two short twin tails , oak colored eyes, and light tan skin.

After she died her hair became messy and matted, she still had her oak colored eyes. Her light tan skin became slightly lighter with bruises lining her legs and arms. While she is possessed by the demon, her eyes are more of a reddish color and her hair becomes darker, you can often find clumps of blood in her hair, and mercury streams from any place it can.

She wears a light tan pink sundress with a clip of a butterfly along with small Mary Janes.


Lilith was always a kind soul, even after she died. She's cunning and can trick people easily, often fake crying, other wise she's a joyous little girl who's always happy to be around others.

When Lilith is possessed, she is nothing like her usual self, she always has murderous intent, and always wants to kill.


Whitney and her sister Gabriela were playing in a wheat field nearby their house, Gabriela tagged Whitney and Whitney started complaining how it wasn't fair, she tricked Gabriela and tagged her. Then Gabriela challenged Whitney to a race back to their house.

Whitney spots a butterfly and follows it to the edge of the forest, where Gabriela gets her and pulls her back into the house.They had their lunch and went to get their neighbors and friends, Rachel and Emily. They were twins.

They played a few rounds of hide and seek, then Whitney followed a butterfly into the forest with no one else around to stop her.

Whitney got lost and couldn't find anyone and the day turned to dark. She heard howling and rustling in the bushes. She was ripped apart and eaten by wolves.

She was visited by a demon, and given the chance of life. She immediately accepted, and she was alive again but she didn't remember anything. The demon told her that her name was 'Lilith' so she accepted it.

Almost 11 years later she was walking down a familiar path, but she couldn't remember it. Lilith saw three girls gathered around a stone, carved into the stone was.

Whitney Govain


Lilith didn't recognize the name, nor did she recognize the people until Gabriela looked up. She said the same thing that she said when Gabriela and her were playing tag the day she died. "You might wan't to run."

The demon took over, mercury dripping from every exit. "But you're not going to get away."


  • Lilith was seven years old when she died, when she killed Gabriela, Rachel, and Emily she would have been eighteen.
  • The Whitney Lilith hates any mention of death, while the Demon Lilith loves it.
  • Lilith is afraid of Canines.
  • Lilith often follow's Demora around.
  • Lilith means night monster, she was female demon and Adams first wife.
  • Whitney and 'Lilith' share the projection of Whitney's body.
  • She can only posses people for two hours, the demon can only posses her body for three hours.
  • She can barely remember her past life.
  • Her creator is KurushimiAkuma.
  • Her theme songs are; Varien- Lilith , Dark paino music- Sacrifice , and Emotional Paino Music- Remember.